So I know that QT has a unique style, but I’d like to hear from y’all why you think his style is so impeccable and in what movie this style of directing takes your breath away? I personally find Reservoir Dogs one of the best movies ever made- a touch of bittersweet violence and film-noir. What can beat that ear-slicing scene!!!

I get so annoyed when people accuse him of “stealing” movies! he does not steal. Yeah all right he makes movies of movies, but he does not copy, all right, he is an originator! Quentin has influenced me so much in so many ways. My professor here made the film " Curdled" with QT and I just finished my QT project / presentation! QT would have been so proud :slight_smile: Anyway, for those who haven’t seen Curdled written by John Maass- it’s a MUST-WATCH! Very stylized violence with great actors! Without QT’s vision, I would not have the vision that I have today <3