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Stephen King's IT (Movie coming)

It is my all time favourite book. It’s perfect. You wont find a bigger fan of this work than me, and I really liked the tv version in 1990, but now Warner Bros is remaking it.

I can’t help but think that they are going to try and turn Pennywise into another Joker. I also think they could have chosen a better screenwriter.

I don’t know which actor could play Pennywise better than Tim Curry or if the ‘writer’ will even stay true to the brilliant novel.

I can’t help but think that they are going to try and turn Pennywise into another Joker. I also think they could have chosen a better screenwriter.

High probability of being so. Even more with Tim Curry if they “use” him to do another Horror Picture Show.

I just hope they include the sex scene ;D

who is the screenplay writer?

I hope they will delve deeper, keep the Adrian Mellon part of the story. That was a bloody good chapter. The TV version was just one note straight through. With IT, you can really use a nonlinear structure better.

Screenwriter is the guy who wrote the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig ‘version’ of The Invasion [of the body snatchers] If he fucks this up, I may hunt him down and destroy him.

Mike Bracken reported this earlier today, his post said this:

"… Anyway, yesterday’s Hollywood Reporter has a story about a planned remake of the film. Warner Bros. is partnering with Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment for a big screen re-interpretation of the classic novel. If you’ve been paying attention, this should fill you with dread–a four hour miniseries couldn’t really recreate the story from an 1100 page book, so how exactly is a shorter film going to do the source material justice?

The obvious answer is by changing the story. Warners has hired screenwriter Dave Kajganich to write the new version and changes are already afoot. The original novel bounced around between 1958 and 1985, but early buzz is that the remake will be set in the present only. How will this work? Your guess is as good as mine. Will we get a story of the youngsters killing It and sending it back into another cycle of dormancy or will we only follow the adults, called back to Derry to end it once and for all? I’m guessing it will be the latter, which sucks because most of what makes It so interesting is watching these kids (who’re an assortment of outcasts) take on a terrifying monster as old as the universe itself."

That right there fills me with a lot of resentment for this project. Can’t say I’m very excited for this, no way you’ll get all of that story inside of 90 minutes.

That just makes me even sadder about this.

I don’t have any faith in the writer, I have no faith in the fact that it is 90 minutes. Fuck me, wasn’t Titanic three hours long? Surely a movie version of IT could be three hours too.

The bit about the interesting parts being when they were kids is bang on. I mean we got the whole Georgie death when they were all kids. One of the most terrifying things I’ve ever read, challenged only by the part in the book where Richie and Bill see each other in that photograph, and Pennywise has Georgie’s face.

It sucks that they will be leaving their childhood days out. The best part of the 1990 version was definitely the first half when they were kids and had to deal with Pennywise in their own way. Besides, they won’t find a better actor than Tim Curry in the role and a ninety minute movie won’t do the novel any justice. Best that they leave it be if they won’t be going all the way with it.

I agree. I think Tim’s performance was that intense, you didn’t even see him, you saw Pennywise, for how he was written.

The cast of the miniseries said on the dvd commentary that they avoided Tim like the plague off camera and when he was in character because they felt freaked out. If that isn’t an actor rocking the shit out of his craft, I don’t know what is.

That book scared the sh8t out of me when I read it x too many years ago and I really didn’t think that the miniseries did it justice. I don’t see how they are going to condense it in to 2 hour movie… If the book is going to be adapted by the same guy who wrote the Invasion there is no hope :-</E>

I never thought it was possible for a book to scare you but it really does scare you. It creeps you out.

The charm will be taken out of this.

The ‘writer’ of this adaptation has said the movie will be set in present day with the eighties being the flashback. The eighties being the set of the lucky seven’s childhood. Not the fifties.

Part of the charm of IT is the childhood set in the fifties. Why update it to that point? It is no where near a faithful adaptation. I’m on such a downer about it.