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STANLEY KUBRICK : Genius or Hack?

KUBRICK is No. 1. Every other director is inferior to his genius and exceptional vision.

I love all of his movies (ALL including the very underrated Eyes Wide Shut) and two of his movies are in my top ten (2001 and Clockwork Orange).

After Kubrick comes: Scorsese, Tarantino and Kurosawa. Again, these are gods amongst directors with unique visions but all they can do is bow their heads or take off their hats at the mention of the name Stanley Kubrick.


Kubrick is great, but I think that Tarantino, in his short time to be a director, has surpassed Kubrick, and Qtwill go much farther. But that is just my opinion.


I certainly dont want to bash Tarantino coz i love the guy and every script he wrote was excellent (he is number one screenwriter IMO) and every movie he directed including the underrated Jackie Brown was excellent and each get a 10/10.

BUT the Wolf dude this may be your opinion but then you really cant know much about the art of directing.

You’re telling me QT movies already surpassed groundbreaking classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey (which was the beginning of amazing special effects), The Shining (the best King adaptation yet and considered a classic in horror history), A Clockwork Orange (considered amongst the BEST book adaptations on screen), Dr. Strangelove (a classic in black comedy with amazing Sellers and Scott) and Paths of Glory (a classic in anti-war movies). The others like Lolita, Full Metal Jacket, Barry Lyndon, Eyes Wide Shut, The Killing dont get much recongnition which i think is a huge mistake coz all of them are masterpieces.

Come on dude, I adore Tarantino as much as the next guy but this is surreal.  ÂÂ


Now, I can see where you are coming from, and don’t get me wrong I love all of Kubrick’s movies, but QT just ranks higher in my opinion than Kubrick. Kubrick had a great career, but we can all see that QT’s will be better, and he is at the same cutting edge that Kubrick was at 25 years ago. QT is number 2 on my list, falling right behind, Hitchcock, and Kubrick is definitely in my top ten. It is hard to compare such different director’s as we are doing now, but I have to stick with my original answer.

Oh, and I do agree with you in that The Shining is the best King adaptation to date, as far as horror goes. I heard that when he was shooting that movie, he would call King at like 3 in the morning, just to ask him if he believed in God, and if he has nightmares more than dreams. I think that is cool.


I see what you are saying and this is your opinion.

Still, depending on what you mean ‘better career’. Tarantino is definately more popular and more loved by studio execs then Kubrick was BUT actors couldnt wait to work with Kubrick just as many actors want to work with QT but on a different level. Plus, Kubrick will just go down in cinema history as more important than Tarantino coz SK’s movies can be analysed until the cows come home while Tarantino’'s flicks are just abuot the fun of cinema. Very different.


Hitchcock > Kurosawa > Kubrik > Scorsese > Tarantino

Period. :slight_smile:

I guess Kubrick is the kind of director that if you don’t like one of his films, you won’t like any of them. The Shining by itself makes Kubrick an incredible director. That movie is one of the greatest ever made. Full Metal Jacket is perfect, Clockwork Orange is a bit overrated, but I still like it, and 2001 needs to grow on you. I hated it the first time I saw it, but looking at it as art rather than a movie helps a bit, I guess.

[quote]Hitchcock > Kurosawa > Kubrik > Scorsese > Tarantino

Period.  :slight_smile:[/quote]

I like the way you think. Would that be with Tarantino as No. 1 or Hitchcock?

He means from Hitchcock to Tarantino ( the > is ‘greater than’)

but Puck’s got it wrong.

Kubrick > Scorsese > Tarantino > Kurosawa > Fellini > Bergman > Hitchcock.

Now that’s more like it . :slight_smile:


Naw man. He is Way on track.

I personally put Tarantino above Kurosawa and Kubrick (maybe) out of preference alone, and I can see someone doing the opposite, but there is no denying that Hitchcock was the best there ever was.

(At least in my mind) ;D

the only hitchcok film ive seen is vertigo and it was gr8 fun so im gonna buy a box set

Stanley Kubrick, though I respect his work, I can’t stand his fucking movies. I mean he likes to take things slow, and take 23 years just to get to the plot, way TOO much character development in my mind. Yes it’s always good to develop your characters, but he does it way too much and it does get boring. Best example of this… The Shining. I swear what could be a 1:45 hour movie is a 3 hour movie… It took forever to get the plot rolling.

The Shining is a masterpiece of the steps to insanity and im sorry you didnt understand it.

Hitchcock is very good but his best Rear Window, Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest and Strangers on a Train are not as good as 2001, Clockwork Orange, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, GoodFellas, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Seven Samurai, Rashomon, La Strada, 8 1/2, Wild Strawberies, Seventh Seal, Virgin Spring and so on and so forth . Hitchcock cant touch those guys…in my opinion.


Actually I did understand it, however it is apparent YOU didn’t understand what I was trying to say.  Yes, Kubrick is good at what he does, I’ll admit that, however that particular style I don’t like.  So in the future, Jules, please have a reading comprehension level above the second grade before responding to my posts.

As much as I ranted and raved about Kubey in my first post, I gotta say, I never watch his movies anymore. They bore the hell out of me for the most part. I watch ACO once in awhile, but thats it. The rest put me to sleep. I guess Ive outgrown his stuff.

[quote]Actually I did understand it, however it is apparent YOU didn’t understand what I was trying to say.  Yes, Kubrick is good at what he does, I’ll admit that, however that particular style I don’t like.  So in the future, Jules, please have a reading comprehension level above the second grade before responding to my posts.[/quote]

hehe…i still stick to my first comment about how you didnt understand the Shining and this is only becuase you said ‘a movie that can be 1.45mins. is 3hrs.’ which is where you dont get what Kubrick is doing becuase what he wants to show CANNOT be shown in 1hr 45mins.

You may not like his style and his movies, which is your opinion, but saying something like what you did only means you dont get what the man is trying to do.

P.S. you can do without the immature slurs for the future cant you?

Toothpic: im sorry you feel that way. As i grow older i find myself understanding Kubrick’s movies even more so its the total opposite with me. I dont think anyone can ‘outgrow’ this man’s movies, but that’s just another one of my opinions.


I don’t think KUbrick is a hack, I very much think he is the genius everyone calls him.

I understand what some of you are saying about the overall plot, and screenwriting, but Kubrick’s true talent was at setting a mood and capturing a world that you could get lost in.

Dr. Strangelove - very intellegent, black comedy. Probably one of his more plot and dialog heavy films. very good black and white images.

2001 A Space Odyssey - I will admit this is a hard movie for me to stay awake during, but it is a bueatifully shot film. With most of Kubrick’s work the pictures told the story and set the mood. Not the dialog, but the images. This film has influanced so many directors, and it’s one of the first Sci-Fi movies to be taken seriously, openning the flood gates for many of the good Sci-Fi movies we have now.

A Clockwork Orange - I love this movie, I love the characters, I love the dialog, I love the landscape of colors throughout the movie. This (in my opinion) is an absolute masterpiece. I consider the overall subject of this movie a major precursor to many modern classics (Tarantino, Scorsese to name a few). A movie where the main character is a horrible human being, rotten to the core, but he might be one of the best in the whole story. Brilliant.

The Shining - in my opinion one of the best horror movies ever made (Texas Chainsaw, and Rosemary’s baby), Excellent mood, excellent story, and pretty creepy.

Full Metal Jacket - I view this movie as 2 seperate movies, I think the first is excellent, and the last is at very least good.

Eyes Wide Shut - I love the mood of this movie, it is very bizarre, but that’s why kubrick fans like Kubrick.

Kubrick’s movies are for the most part all about actual film (sight and sound), and not always about plot or dialog as much, but that’s his own directorial style, few director’s can dwell on silence, or a classical score the way Kubrick can.

His stuff is classic. If only more films these days were like his…more plot development and longer shots. I can’t stand the MTV editing that a bunch of the films today have.

As for Hitchcock, when he was in his prime, his films were better than anybody elses. Take those you listed above, except add Notorious, The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes, etc. The man was great, and his impact on cinema and the way thrillers are done far outweighs anyone else’s contribution to the art form known as Cinema.

And I will still stand by my comment you didn’t understand what I was saying as well.  The Shining very well could’ve been done in an hour and a half, rather than close to 3 hours, due to Kubrick’s lame, boring style… he over does it. The man’s a bore.



1980s Kubrick is sweet