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Spy Kids 3D

Right, so me and a friend thought we’d have a laugh and watch Spy Kids 3D with the silly specs on, as we’d never worn them before.

And we were bored.

But when we did actually watch the film- the specs made NO DIFERENCE. Just made things…kinda purple.

Anyone else have this problem? Or did we just have shit 3D glasses? ;D


i bought the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl in 3D ! All exited about watching it in 3D !

but it really just fucks up the picture quality. i have like a really really really small 3d effect, but u cant actually call it 3d

just fuck that shit !

Well, yeah.

[quote=“Adrian”] just fuck that shit ![/quote]

Kinda summed up my feelings there lol. I just wondered if it was just me…and apparently it isn’t ;D

Well, How big is your TV? The bigger the TV the better the 3D. Thats why movies theaters 3D’s are so good. Plus try watching it in the dark, makes things 100x better!

Just play it on your PC’s LCD screen, or better yet buy one, they’re pretty cheap from 220 - 350 cash. I don’t like Spy Kids, but Sin City and etc. plays great