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Spider Lilies (Taiwan, 2007, Lesbian)


[i]Zero Chou’s film about a web cam girl and a tattoo artist is pretty much a perfect mainstream drama. There’s some clumsiness in storyline but the lesbian theme is handled well and without much underlining on clichè. Both leads (Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong) do excellent jon in portraying extremely likable (and cute) characters. The audio-visual side is top notch with a beautiful soundtrack and colourful cinematography. Web cam image is occationally used to a great effect.

  • Hung Fist[/i]

    Really an excellent film which also won the 2007 Teddy Award for Best Gay/Lesbian film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Unfortunately the trailer is a bit misleading (makes the film seem more cliched and mainstream in a negative way than it really is) and the promotional pics aren’t quite that good either. I’ll post actual screencaps when I get the dvd in my hands (praying the Deltamac dvd retains the bright colours of the theatrical print).

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24 hours and 3 views…

Lets see what happens when I add the word “Lesbian” to the title ;D


I must say if it wasnt for the lesbian in the title I would never look ^^ Spider lilies doesnt sound like a Lesbian movie at all ;D

maybe I should check this out!


The title sounds very promissing for me, though I don’t like lesbian movies


haha, 13 views already. The title is working.


This is false advertising, shame on you >:(


This is false advertising, shame on you >:(



[quote=“Hung Fist”]
24 hours and 3 views…

Lets see what happens when I add the word “Lesbian” to the title ;D

Damn, you got me. ;D


Damn, no second time love

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Spider Lilies (Taiwan, 2007) – 3/5

This is sad. I saw Spider Lilies on big screen last year and loved it. But unfortunately second viewing, this time from dvd, couldn’t re-create that feeling. It’s partly because television set doesn’t come even close to doing justice to this film’s visuals, but also because I made a misjudgement with the film. I still love the use of color, tattoo, webcam and terrific theme music, but the film is just too conventional and the flashbacks are once again out of place. Rainie Yang’s character is interesting but the girl isn’t much of an actor. Isabella Leong isn’t especially good (although good looking) but not downright terrible either. The director doesn’t get close enough to the characters… although my memories from the last time were claiming so. I really wanted to love this film, enough to split the viewing over two nights, just to make sure it wasn’t anything temporary with my mood that was distracting me from the film, but no. It’s a very good popcorn drama, a lesbian love story in fact - that should earn the film a few more viewers - but it’s not great. Maybe next time.

  • dvd / Deltamac

The HK dvd isn’t too bad. Why the transfer isn’t progressive I don’t know but I’m not killing anyone over that. The colours look quite good the image is sharp enough without noticable edge enchancement. There’s a bit a grain that I don’t recall being present on the theatrical print, though. The subtitles are the same, meaning there’s some typos and grammar mistakes but nothing too distracting. They get the job done. Extras look okay (2 dicer) but I haven’t bothered to take a closer look.