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Special Edition DVD

I am a relative newcomer to DVD I so want to get a DVD for Reservoir Dogs but have been putting it off as I know the best one to buy will be the Special Edition. I have heard many rumours that a Special Edition will be coming out this year in the Summer. In fact I know from Michael Madsen’s official site that there will be an interview in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine about the release. Has anyone heard when the actual release date will be esp. for the UK? Also what the extras will be including a commentary I hope. Here’s hoping someone knows and will post info.

Thanks 8)

all i know is, that there will be a SE coming out this year by Artisan Entertainment. i don’t know when and what… i hope: soon and full of extras :wink:

I heard that it should hit the streets in July.

It will be a 10th anneversary (sp?)

So it should be coming out this year but definately before Kill Bill is released (the movie not the DVD :slight_smile:)


Now that we know that there will be the Special Edition out a week after Pulp Fictoin and Jackie Brown…

my question is this:

Which cover would u like to buy?

I would like to by Mr. Pink coz i just love Buscemi and his qutoes in the movie are excellent.


i’d try to get the limited Mr. brown edition. but deep in my heart i still hope this is not true… fucking commercialism…

here we go, special features are revealed! check out the news page.

damn, they really made some efforts to have new interviews and so on…

I’m getting confused because now it doesn’t mention the Mr.Blue or Mr.Brown cover(Anger rising). Will these still be on it? it also doesn’t mention the two alternate angles of the ear cutting scene. So, what’s happening?

P.S. On the day it comes out, I’m getting all the covers!!! (No Kidding)


i don’t know about Brown or Blue. I don’t think there will be a “mr blue DVD”. when i first heard about it, they said that a possible “mr brown” edition would be of limited availability… i don’t know much.

by the way: welcome to the gang, kelvp

Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown come out on the 20th while Reservoir Dogs comes out the 27th

what do you think we’re doing here? we know all that… already for months…

have you heard of ?


Really love the extras on the RD SE. The interviews with Tarantino and Madsen were awesome. I also really dig the noir documentary. Donald Westlake is my favorite author and this is the first time Ive ever seen him interviewed, plus QT mentioned him (Richard Stark) and his Parker books which is so fuckin cool as these are my Fave crime books. The extras on RD are so much better than the ones on PF, which is a shame cause I def prefer PF over RD. Its all good though. I bought RD at Best Buy for 16 bones with tax and they also give you a $5 gift card, so the movie cost me $11!

I took a hint and went to Best Buy yesterday and I ended up buying 2 versions of RD. Mr Blonde and Mr Orange. I got em both for about 25 bucks! The DVDs look great and the extras are very cool. Its cool seeing Michael Madsen at home. The Chris Penn interview was pretty funny with him bumping around in the back of the truck.

I really liked the interview with Roger Corman and the Tribute to Lawrence “Joe Cabot” Tierney was very nice too.

All in all, Im glad I layed my lettuce down and got em both. A great addition to my DVD library 8)

hey pete. do us a favor, take out your old RESDOGS dvd and compare the picture quality with the new one. i wanna see screenshots. everybody keeps saying they screwed up the image.

is it really that bad? are there colors ? is it washed out?

damn, i guess I scared away KYLE.


Wow ToothpickVicVega, two copies? Now thats dedication! I wanted the madsen cover so bad but all they had was about a million copies of mr. pink and bout 4 copies of mr. orange so i got the mr. orange. It is a good deal though.

why don’t you guys just order the cover you want at

No patience. Plus for 16 bones and a 5$ gift card at best buy, Im sold.


I think it’s time Dimension re-released FDTD. They should take up the picture quality a notch and make it anamorphic widescreen, improve the audio a little, and then take all the extras again, and do a retrospective interview with RR and QT…


I think it’s time Dimension re-released FDTD. They should take up the picture quality a notch and make it anamorphic widescreen, improve the audio a little, and then take all the extras again, and do a retrospective interview with RR and QT…

Yea that would be cool, maybe a new commentary too after all these years. Although the old commentary is great, but it would be cool to hear what they have to say about Earl McGraw since this was the first film he appeared in, and other views on the film after years of making films since then.

Hell, ive seen a few people here say they love VHS tapes better than DVD. Maybe they should turn up the suck factor and make a sloppy DVD special suck edition.

I would like to know more about the scene they never shot that was supossed to be so kick ass. Maybe make an anime scene of it that you have an option to view in the right sequence of the movie.

Yeah I trying to buy all of the versions! :smiley: Hey, I am a very dedicated fan but my wallets hurting ::slight_smile: