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Special Edition DVD Overview (US & UK)!

so that’s what’s available now:

USA & Canada (region code 1, NTSC):

  • Pulp Fiction Collector’s Edition
  • Pulp Fiction Classic Collection (same as above, with posters, pictures, film-strip and the New Soundtrack CD)

  • Jackie Brown Collector’s Edition

  • Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary Special Edition (5 covers)

  • True Romance Special Edition (unrated)

    UNITED KINGDOM (region code 2, PAL):
  • Pulp Fiction Special Edition (same as the US one, cooler cover)
  • Pulp Fiction Classic Collection (same as US)

  • Jackie Brown Special Edition (same as the US one, cooler cover)

  • Reservoir Dogs Special Edition Box (just the old dvd plus post cards and a book)

  • True Romance Special Edition (same as US, november 4th)



    sidenote: region code 2 DVDs can be viewed in entire Europe and Japan. So if you are from Europe you don’t have to import the US DVDs if you can’t do that.

    recommendations: (US dvds, ships worldwide, no shipping, no customs); (US and UK dvds, ship worldwide, no shipping, customs apply)

I need your help!

I live in Australia,and this place down the road ordered Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction collectors edition.This probably sounds kinda picky,but as the dvds were ordered from Canada,the covers also had in brackets the french spelling of Pulp Fiction,and other sub-headings.I want a normal one!

I noticed this dvdboxoffice store was Canadian,so do you know if they stock the normal cover,or one with additional french text?

there is no Canadian Special Edition. The Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown Editions sold in Canada (by for example) are the US ones.

There is no french spelling of Pulp Fiction. In France, Pulp Fiction is called Pulp Fiction.

There is an older Pulp Fiction DVD specially produced for Canada which is similar to the French DVD, and might be also called “special edition”, but I am not sure about that. Fact is, of the old PF dvd, there are 2: a US and a Canadian one.

As there are only 2 countries where that specific Collector’s Edition set is produced (USA and Great Britain) there is a pretty good chance that you get the US one.

I will check about a future Australian release, but I think if it’s released down under, then either similar to the Britain one or by Village Roadshow Pictures Home Entertainment, who own the rights down there.

UPDATE: I have no official information about any future releases in Australia. Be sure you have a region-free DVD Player!

The DVD itself was exactly the same,just the packaging also had the french text,it said Fiction Pulpese or something weird like that

I emailed DVD Plus which is Canadian,and heres what they said - "Unfortunately all copies of Pulp Fiction in Canada have the bilingual packaging. It is now standard with all Alliance Atlantis (distributor of Pulp Fiction in Canada) and Paramount Canada DVDs to have both French and English packaging."

Do you have the email address for dvdboxoffice?I couldnt find anyway to contact them from their website.

As for Australia,its pretty hopeless with the sort of dvds that get released.I only own about 3 Australian dvds and all the rest are from US.The only Pulp Fiction we have here is the old special edition dvd.

well I’ve been ordering DVDs from since a long time, and they never had french packaging.

just go to and ask them

Anyone have this Pulp Fiction Classic Collection?

If so,is it worth it?

The Classic Collection is nothing else than a big box containing:

  • The normal as-we-know-it 2-DVD Collector’s Edition
  • The re-release of the Soundtrack, including some more tracks and the famous Tarantino Interview
  • A piece of film (surely not a real one, because no movie exists of only one reel of film)

    and some picturs, posters, postcards whatever…

    so: if you DO NOT own the 2-Disc set or the Soundtrack CD, the Classic Collection box could be something interesting. But if you already have the 2-Disc set, forget that classic stuff and just buy the new soundtrack in addition.

    …or you have shitloads of money and love buying the same stuff twice and shoving money into Miramax’s ass.

hi. i just got a CANADIAN version of a US DVD (not a tarantino one).

the disc and the set is exactly the same. EXACTLY.

The ONLY difference with a specific Canadian DVD which is sold in east-canada is:

  • the COVER has 2 languages (english and french) on it, that IS ALL. everything else is exactly the same, its just that french-speaking canadians know whats on that dvd.

    so for example:

    the special feature listing on the back cover is in english and french. the plot summary is both in english and french and “this is a widescreen dvd” or something is in english and french and maybe even the title on the front has the french title under it (very small, in brackets).

    so don’t worry, just buy it. who cares if its in 2 languages or not. the more the better :slight_smile:

    so thats the way it is handled in Quebec (the french area in canada).

The Pulp Fiction Classic Collection that you speak of:

Is that this?

Any info would be great.

yes that’s the one.

Great thanks.