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South Park makers diss QT

haha funny, shit, look what I found on the forums:

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[quote]Well I just bought the Orgazmo DVD and watched the deleted scenes with commentary over it. Fucking hilarious shit. Both Trey and Matt and the rest of their crew are completely shit faced.

One of the deleted scenes (no.14)near the very end, has the line “Don’t worry, plenty of people get by just fine without testicles… Rush Limbaugh, Quentin Tarantino…” - and the commentary on that scene, although the track is heavily bleeped, clearly has Trey and others saying this:

"That’s a pretty sweet joke. Fuk -BLEEEEPP-… That’s -BLEEEP-. His -BLEEEEEP- put a contract out on -BLEEEEEP-. He’s a coke snorting, faggt motherfuker. More than that- he’s an ass. And he eats sht. He eats sh*t whenever he can."

You can totally tell they are saying Quentin Tarantino even through the bleeps. It doesnt really seem like they are kidding around either. I know they were shit faced when they did the commentary but they seem like they really hate the guy.

Has anyone else heard this yet?[/quote]

Haha, when was this? QT must have done something to offend them. I hope QT retaliates, because he can come up with some really crazy shit.

It was probably just a joke…they make fun of everybody

I’m hoping it was a joke, as I love South Park ALMOST as much as I love QT movies.

I’m hoping it was a joke, as I love South Park ALMOST as much as I love QT movies.ÂÂ

Doesn’t that because they don’t love QT, you have to choose between one of those ! You can love them both, even they can stand together !

I don’t like South Park, really, so I don’t care about what they think.

Found this while browsing, thought it would fit in here…

The only celebrity they’ve admitted hating is Barbra Streisand.

Oh, and if you hate South Park, you might like Orgazmo. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ripped off its dildo-smacking scene(s).

Matt & Trey In Interveiw mention Q.

[quote]“It screwed me up when I saw it for the first time,” he says, already confounding expectations. “Because when I go and see a Tarantino movie, say, my defences are up: it’s like, OK, let’s see - you’re going to try to subversively get to my heart. But Babe was just: cute pig, here we go. It’s like they were the Japanese and I was Pearl Harbor. And at the end of that movie, when he does his sheep-dog thing, I don’t think I cried… but…”[/quote]

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Considering they use the Kill Billl music in Team America, I’m pretty certain they were joking. They seem like very intelligent people and I can’t see how an intelligent person could hate QT.

Parker and Stone are the two of the most overrated people in Hollywood. South Park is funny and sometimes smart but lately all their social satire, while done pretty well in the name of comedy, has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. I’d rather surrender a testicle than see some right wing propaganda dreck that has all the kids fooled into thinking it’s counter-cultural like Team America. And whats worse is, in the same way that QT inspired every testosterone-poisoned post adolescent hack film school student to try and make a variation on a genre film, I’m very sure that Parker and Stone were the catalyst for the intellectual morass that is Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

That being said, I’m sure they don’t have any real problem with QT.

Actually, the South Park guys saved tv animation from being a bunch of Simpsons knock-offs. Family Guy wouldn’t have even been greenlighted if it wasn’t for that show. Also, the South Park movie paved the way for more mature animated mainstream films, because Bakshi was rarely successful outside of X-rated Fritzs. As for Team America, a lot of people think it’s right wing, but it’s really just about a special ops team trying to do the best it can in the face of doubts and criticism. And if it was right wing, the characters wouldn’t be trying to get the consent of the world for their next mission.