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[soundtrack] True Romance OST

This is the place to discuss the soundtrack of True Romance

Not in OST

White Wedding - Billy Idol

Skinny (They Can’t Get Enough) - The Skinny Boys

Heartbreak Hotel - Val Kilmer (Elvis Presley)

A Little Bitty Tear - Burl Ives

Chantilly Lace - Big Bopper

The Other Side - Aerosmith

Everybody Loves Somebody - Jerry DelMonico

Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles

All The Way - Jerry DelMonico

Learnin’ The Blues - Jerry DelMonico

Source: Tarantino Italia

is it on amazon?

I waaaaaaaaaant it!

i bet it isnt that great…not as good as RD, PF, JB, KB, or DP

white wedding kicks ass!

Ooh i must buy this!! :o

Yeah, I just looked it up myself. Too bad there isn’t any actual dialogue from the film included. Kinda kills the experience.

well I always skip those, I mean once you know the film, the snippets are no longer interesting. they are usually on there as teasers because soundtracks come out before the movie comes out

wrong. wrong. totally damn wrong.

listening to these pieces of dialogue is a part of the soundtrack experience. I enjoy listening to Stuntman Mike or Jules Winnfield while walking in the street. I love to hear Madonna’s speech while cleaning my room. And there’s nothing like hearing Mr. White’s “lets-get-a-taco” while cooking diddle-eyed Joes and some damn-if-I-knows.

haha allright dude… not for me but i getcha