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Sonny Chiba [RIP]

Anybody else like the amazing Sonny Chiba.Some of my favorites are Street Fighter,Dragon Princess,Shogun Ninja.To me Sonny Chiba is the best(yes even better than Bruce Lee)

Actually I agree with you :slight_smile:

He was awsome in Kill Bill…

ThaDuke: That GIF-animation you’ve got is wonderful. From which movie is it? :slight_smile:

Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki

If you’re into Kung-Fu cinema, I definitely recommend it. It’s also the goriest kung-fu movie probably ever made.

Also: Welcome to the boards!

Thanks a bunch.
I’ll definitely look into it, 'cause that sequence alone is outstanding.

That’s what sold me as well…lol

Shinichi rules. I love the guy, and I love his movies. I’ve seen 25 Chiba movies so far (own most of them), got one on pre-order (Dragon Princess remaster) and gonna buy more soon…

I love him too. I posted a message on his MySpace telling him that I was a huge fan etc. He posted a message on mine saying Thanks very much etc. It was really awesome. The first Sonny movies I ever saw were The Streetfighter films (bought em on VHS) back in 1994-95. I have to thank QT for introducing me to Sonny’s stuff. Ever since I saw True Romance in 93 I wanted to check them out.

Speaking of Sonny, I’ve been watching alot of his older samurai films recently. I just watched GI Samurai the other night. Tonight I’m going to check out Ninja Wars. S

I love saying Konichiwa, Sonny Chiba. Say it very fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen Legend of the 8 Samurai yet? It’s a forgotten classic. An excellent film.

There’s still so many Chiba films I need to see. Golgo 13, Bullet Train, Virus, Hunter in the Dark (dying to see this one), Truck Yaro: Dokyo ichiban hoshi (Chiba fights with Bunta Sugawara…), Legend of the Golden Wolf, Kage no kundan + lots of stuff I really want to see but not available on dvd, like The Defensive Power of Aikido, The Soul of Bruce Lee etc.

I have the movie in a sonny chiba boxset but havnt watched it yet.

Rest in peace, Sonny