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Song played in the animated scene?

does anyone know the song played in the animated scene (in volume 1)? im not even sure if there was more than one song but the one im thinking of is quite a slow depressing sounding song but i love it! we watched the movie at school and only got to see certain scenes so im not sure if the music is played in other parts of the film too. So does anyone lknow what this song could be that im thinking of? I know i dont have much info on it but i havent seen the whole thing! so… thanks in advance :slight_smile:

melissa. /</r>

There are 3 songs that play during the anima sequence.

Isaac Hayes - Run Fay Run (when O-Ren assasinates the president)

Luis Bacalov - Grand Duel, the 1 that plays most of the time, probably this is what your looking for.

Armondo Trovajoli - The Long Day of Vengence (plays when O-Rens father gets the sword through her head]

Hope this comes to some help :wink:

Thanks, ive just found the song called “the lonely shepherd” and im now quite sure it was played during that scene too, or is it in another part of the film?

The Lonely Sheperd is the end credits. :wink: