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Somebody to Love (1994)

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who has seen it? more information? pictures?

QT has a cameo in it, and it’s on sale at amazon. I’m going to put a link here, so I can click it. Somebody to Love

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … dy_to_Love”></LINK_TEXT>

should do an entry on the movie in my column. but i dont own the dvd

I got it. I’ll type somethin up. Whataya want?

a little review of the movie about… i dunno, 100 words? mentioning qt’s cameo etc. screenshots would also be great

If only I knew how to do screengrabs. I’ll send you something.

most if not all dvd player programs have a screenshot button or shortcut, girl

I have never explored any options of WMP and RP, ever. Sorry. You’re gonna make me figure all this shit out aren’t you?

it’s not so hard… jeez geoi, ask ur kids they might know, haha

I only have one kid. I’m just lazy. I don’t wanna do things I don’t know how to do right now.

can we do the same thing we did with the coriolis effect, geoi? that was great. we need more on this one

Yeah, you bet. I’m sorry, I’ve been out of town. I’ll get on it tomorrow.

I love this