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Sing Lee Theatre/Tarantino update

This might be not much of an update, but I thought I’d tell you anyway. When I went to the Hollywood premiere for “Hero” last August, I asked Quentin Tarantino about L.A.'s Sing Lee Theatre. There have been reports that he is going to re-open that movie theatre. So Quentin only said that the Sing Lee Theatre is coming soon.

Also, I just checked the front of the theatre the other day. When I looked inside from the window, there seemed to be a bunch of film cans that were stacked up against a wall. I’m not sure if those were film cans for old H.K. movies or for movies that Quentin wants to show there. I read that he might be planning to take the old film reels of H.K. movies that were kept at the Sing Lee and restore them.

So maybe that shows that the theatre really is coming soon, but I don’t know when.

I asked Quentin Tarantino about L.A.'s Sing Lee Theatre.

Oh my God, you’re so fucking lucky

Lucky Bastard. That’s all i can say.

[quote=“W_Hong”]Quentin … said that the Sing Lee Theatre is coming soon.[/quote]
It’s nice to hear this, W_Hong. The Sing Lee has always been a special place for me. Back around 1995 or so, I spent many an afternoon there. I happened to drive by today, and it got me to wondering what was happening with it. (Which is why I looked it up online and ended up here…)

It would be wodnerful if it started presenting films again.

The film reels in the front room on the left look like they are not stored well. The stack of reels is sagging, and (today being cold and rainy), the whole thing seems a little too exposed to temperature and humidity fluctuations. A collection like that should be preserved. So, I hope something happens soon…

It’s good to hear it’s in the hands of a film fan like Q. Tarantino, rather than just being turned into a sweatshop like Cinemaland up on Broadway was.

I just called the L.A. Chinatown Business Improvement District, and they said that the King Hing Movie Theatre(formerly the Sing Lee) is renovating now and will open soon.

is that the one Tarantino bought?

[quote=“The Seb”]
is that the one Tarantino bought?

Yes, it is the movie theatre that Tarantino bought.

Yeah how lucky I am in LA, maybe I should go there and take some photos