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Sin City: Recut, Extended & Unrated DVD

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Hopefully it doesn’t show what Marv did to Kevin. :o

Come on It’s a Rodriguez film, not Salo.

Menu Screenshots

QT Commentary!

I’ll buy it… :smiley: I like that you can choose what story you want to see…

The menu screenshots are very cool ! The dvd seems great…

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upated with amazon links. do yourself a favor and get this baby for x-mas (and do me a favor and use those links :_)

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it’s out! order it!

Oh man…Couldn’t wait for Xmas to watch this 2-Disc so I’m going through it now as I speak, and I ain’t bullshiting when I say that this is one of the best DVDs EVER!

The packaging may get a little used to. The “Hard Goodbye” book inside is THICK! And the 2 discs are overlapped on each other. Odd decision.

But the content on these discs are just bananas. I haven’t seen the actual movie since April, but the clarity on the feature is absoultely beautiful. Briefly checked out some of the deleted scenes that appear in the selected shorts and watched half of the movie in “Green” screen.

“The Long Take” (Which primarily features QT working casual in his scene) is one for all film-lovers—But since it is long, I decided to save much of it for later.

Right now, I’m watching the movie with the “Audience Audio track” and it sure is fun.

Be wise, and buy this sucker as soon as possible!

someone watch it with one of the commentary on and tell me how it is

someone watch it with one of the commentary on and tell me how it is

I listened to most of QT’s commentary before hitting the sack. As mentioned in another topic here, he only appears on the “Big Fat Kill” segment.

Along the way, I learned that QT had the opening of Suspiria in mind for his director’s task and

Miho’s swords are Hanzo blades taken from QT’s garage.

QT also does a Sonny Chiba impression on one of the featurettes.

Pic of the sweet set, for those interested

I hope I get this for Christmas ;D

i want this so fucking bad i would eat my under garments

I got mine on the 22, I also took pictures for another Forum, here is one of them.

Is there anyone in this forum that owns a copy of this? If so, Is as good and Awesome as it looks like? any things that are not so good?

ordered it as well, here’s a review:

can’t wait to get it

I’ve heard that it might not be getting a release as it is in australia. Might need to order it from the states.

I’m sure you guys will drool when you see the SIN CITY TACOS!

Seriously, Rodriguez is tempting me to become a cook thanks to these supplements.

yeah. rodriguez rocks at everything. the Puerco Pebil recipe is awesome also (though i haven’t tried it out yet).

i mean, check out that guy: filmmaker, editor, musician, father, husband, company owner, cook, and so on!!!