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Sin City - QT related stuff here only

and by Sin City, I mean Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming Sin City…accrording to Aint it Tarantino is going to be a “special guest director” of one of the stories in the film…this sounds fuckin awesome to me, hopefully this isnt just a rumour and they go through with this

go here:

to read more about the amazing cast that might sign on

SIN CITY begins to get crazy cool

Hey folks, Harry here… Michael Fleming at has broke a story about how Robert Rodriguez, in order to be able to have Frank Miller as his co-director on SIN CITY, resigned from the Director’s Guild (DGA) as to not set a potentially damaging precedent which could be abused outside of this particularly unique situation. However, in talking to Michael Fleming he spilled the beans on some of the additional “Holy Shit” cool things about SIN CITY.

#1: He says that Quentin Tarantino will be a “Special Guest Director” on one of the Sin City stories in the film!!!

#2: In addition to the names mentioned in yesterday’s story - he mentioned to Fleming that he’s been talking with Johnny Depp, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken and Michael Douglas!

Add those names to Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy, Kate Bosworth, Jaime King, Josh Hartnett, Marley Shelton, Maria Bello and Benicio Del Toro and you’ve got a potentially amazing line up, possibly the biggest all star line up for a comic adaptation period.

And that’s the latest from SIN CITY…

that sounds interesting. anyone wanna sum up what sin City is all about? is it a series of short stories or what?

ive read one sin city ‘yarn’, theyre all really cooly drawn, black and white inverted - kinda seedy detective/gangsta/underworld stories essentially, like 30s crime movies, hard bitten cops etc. though the one i read was like that but involved a sexy ninja chick with roller blades called miho who acts as a kinda guardian angel and chops peoples heads off at her master’s command. real cool. i was flicking through some other issues in comic shop yesterday actually and i think the others are like that as well, a mix between trad crime stories and proper comic book superhero type characters.

is robert rodriguez directing ‘sandman’ aswell?

yep - the news broke yesterday here

Does this mean that QT might be shooting this in HD?

Holy crap, that’s gonna be so rad. I wonder if they’re going to give QT his old crew: Buscemi, Willis, etc. Or let him have Depp or Wood or something. I’d prefer the latter.

It looks like this movie will be filled with actors and QT will be working alongside Frank Miller too

tiny complaint: where are all of Rodriguez’s guys? where is cheech, trejo, hayek, banderas?

This is going to be a bad ass movie.

to quote the great Chris Walkin

"Wowy wow wow wow!"

this has got me rootin for rodriguez again

this has got me rooting for rodriguez still!

the most badass part is that it starts filiming soon in Austin, Texas which is very close to where i live

[quote]that’s gonna be so rad. [/quote]

I'm glad you think so, but goddamn, didn't that cliche die out like 15 years ago?!?

It’s never gonna die. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles forever!!!

Dude, totally! Let me explain: I use bad old-school California cliche phrases because my parents moved me to Florida a couple of moths ago from the 714, and I’m trying to perserve my identity as a Californian. Bro!

dont you mean bra?

maybe not, i saw it in Airborne and thats not a good reference, me thinks

hahaha is that the movie with the skater/surfer from Cali who moves to some unknown town?

That movie sucked so bad.

yeah it was pretty bad

they had an awsome race down Devil’s Backbone tho

made me want to buy some skates

I take it Airborne is one of those late 80’s-early 90’s flix that has a bunch of “Cool” dudes in day-glo shorts doing crazy stunts on their mad crazy wheels?

I think they even got a “I’m too sexy for my clothes” sequence where a character tries on different outfits.

lol i dont want to trn this into an Airborne discussion but its about a kid who’s a surfer dude from california and he has to move to Cincinnati, basic fish outta water story. he has to prove himself by skating in a race that’s on the most dangerous road, “Devil’s Backbone”

seth green as the main character’s coousin acting very gay, or was he acting at all?