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Sin City 2


Here’s a little excerpt from a Jaime King interview:

[quote]And we’re getting ready to start, and then all this stuff happened and it’s hard. And I think it’s hard because they want to make it with certain people, studio wise, and I think the studio has a different vision of how they want to make it, and that’s not in line with Robert and Frank’s vision. So they’re working out the political part of it.[/quote]

This sort of echoes what Frank Miller alluded to at comic-con either this year or the year before, I forget. But it sounds like the delay has just as much to do with the Weinsteins as it does with Robert, if not more.


I know we’ve heard this before but now Clive Owen is saying they may start filming next year.

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I’ll believe it when I see it but the fact that people are still talking about it is a good sign anyway.


Browsing Google News today and ended up doing a search for Sin City 2. Here’s what I found.

From Jaime King:
King: It’s definitely going to happen. The script is written. It’s just, when is it gonna happen? Aligning all the logistics - it’s not only Robert [Rodriguez] and Frank [Miller], but then the studio and all that stuff. That’s the weird thing about Hollywood; one thing is about to go, and then all of a sudden something else happens. I’m waiting patiently, but I think it’s definitely going to happen. [/quote]

And then there’s this weird quote from Mickey Rourke.

[quote]If it happens — I mean, that’s another movie that’s three hours of make-up, but was fun to do — and as long as Robert Rodriguez’s wife isn’t involved in it.[/quote]

Either way, I think Robert’s doing Spy Kid’s 4 next.


“as long as Robert Rodriguez’s wife isn’t involved in it”??? Damn. Wonder what that’s all about.


[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]“as long as Robert Rodriguez’s wife isn’t involved in it”??? Damn. Wonder what that’s all about.[/quote]

Rose McGowan? Maybe it was bad chemistry.


Kinda figured there would be a comment or two about Brittany Murphy in this thread. Guess not.

RIP Brittany. :frowning:


We gave her death it’s own thread.