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Simon Pegg

Anyone else in here a Peggster fan? I loved him when I first saw Shaun Of The Dead, then came Hott Fuzz and recently I’ve been watching a few Spaced episodes - he’s just one funny motherfucker!

(Disclaimer:When I said I loved him I meant like a fan not in a gayish way)

Here’s a Spaced episode pickles: (you might recognize that actress - she was in Shaun)

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My fave - (Zombies poster in the wall!)

Yeah, Peg is cool. Ive watched the first season of Spaced and 1 episode from the second, great show.

I have to say that Simon is my second favourite actor next to his mate Nick Frost, and second favourite writer next to Quentin. The man is absolutely brilliant. So funny, and so smart. And he’s just a genuinely nice guy too. I spoke to him for a longass time at the Hotfuzztival. Very cool dude. Love him.

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Simon is a very medicore actor. Very good comic, great timing but he’s constantly overshadowed by the effortless comedic style of Nick Frost. He’s the true genious.

Here’s Simon on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. 26 Sept 2008

Part 1

Part 2

Very funny. Watch it now, cos it may get removed soon.

Simon on Conan O’Brien from last night 29th September 2008, also regarding “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”.

I saw that last night. He’s playing Scotty on Abram’s next Star Trek flick.

Yeah… It’s been almost two years in the making… Fucking crazy how long we’ve been waiting for that.

I went to see How to Lose Friends and Alienate People today. It was interesting. There were a few moments where it didn’t hold my attention, but it came right back. A lot of LOL moments, an interesting story, and Simon’s performance was top-notch, as usual. I loved it. Highly recommended.