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Should I wait till June, or see it now, off the PC?

I can’t make up my mind. I want to see it in its cinema glory the first time, but I’ve gotta wait till the end of this month, then a whole month after that. Is it worth waiting, I’ll see it in the cinema anyway…

Additionally, this could be my only chance to see it as a double-feature if they go ahead and split them in the UK. What do I do???

I have to wait another 2 months too. Don’t see it on your PC in crappy quality, the first experience should be one you never forget. i’m waiting. it’s hard but i’m a real fan you know.

I know, but man, its difficult. And I might not be able to see it as a double feature.

Wait for the big screen experience first.

But what if they’re split?

Hmm. Good point. Which means you’re also gonna miss all the intermission stuff–Which improved the theatrical experience.

I’d say just wait untill you hear what exactly the details will be on the film(s) once they arrive in your town.

Wait and see it in theatres first. If they are split, watch them in theatres and then watch the bootleg video from the US so you can see how they did it as a double feature.

I don’t whether I’ll do that. I’d rather see crappy version of how it is meant to be experienced first time and then see it split in cinema rather than split in cinema first and then see crappy version of how it is meant to be experienced.

As Laydback said, its best to wait, but it ain’t easy, I’ve seen the first second of Machete then stopped myself.

I didn’t wait! The scabby cam version addes to the Grindhouse feeling. Plus our cinemas show only dubbed versions and I want to heat the original voices.

I’ll wait till its confirmed that they’re split.