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Short intro thingy try out

I’ve experimentated with some animation and shiiiittt :stuck_out_tongue: Cinema Of Cool is the name of my wanabe production company… 8)

I am gonna use this in front of a short movie…

fun to do, and lots to learn ;D

thats really cool, who’se that silhouette?

i like it, but you should cut the pieces of music where theres no picture, i did that alot too in shortfilms but find it very annoying now, just cut from Cinema of Cool directly to the credits (or credit :stuck_out_tongue:)

you should make a 5 or 10 minute film like that, would rule

keep it up, i like stuff like this

thanks man, yeah the credit thing and music going on annoys me 2 :slight_smile:

I had to put credit(s) at the end, so I could change it from .avi to .wmv fast… :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I’ll ask my bro to make some new music for it that suites/fits better, but it was just for fun this one…now I just threw the opening of bruce lee’s the big boss (which I love) under the images…with some slight adjustments…

I am planning to make a shoot 'em up short movie, combining classic hollywood gangster shit from the '30 ties with fast style action from hong kong (john Woo)…yeah, like that is gonna work :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s Chow Yun Fat’s silhouette btw…

It keeps stalling on me. shit.

when opening the link don’t press PLAY…but wait till it starts automatically…

I like it. I go with what’s been said so far, good work. Looking forward to more stuff.

Awesome man. Keep up the good work.