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"Shocking Entertainment", or, how much "QT" does there have to be to count?

I recently read a book called “Shocking Entertainment”, about how and why audiences respond to violence in film. I thought it was brilliant, and naturally it didn’t skimp on Qt comments, as PF and RD were the films most of the study group had watched. The thing only had about 8 short chapters, one of which was entirely dedicated to a viewing and discussion of the ear scene. I enjoyed it because I have a nerdy love for all things censorship (of which people’s reactions to unpleasantry is a part), but there were some interesting comments made (for example, one viewer picked up on the fact that Mr Blonde’s look in that scene is very much how off-duty cops are represented in film. I’d never noticed it, and now I think about it every time…)

Anyway, I recommend it whether or not there’s enough content for it to count as a “Tarantino book”

how much of it would you say the tarantino content makes up? 20%?

Less than half…about 30%. Dogs is one of the two case studies in the book.