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Shinobi - Heart Under Blade dvds

Okay, here we have another typical japanese dvd release. Shinobi will be released in four different editions:

First comes the boring standard edition

Next comes the limited Igaban 2 disc edition:

The third release is another 2 disc limited edition, called Kogaban. This release has different bonus materials than Igaban

And finally comes the 3 disc Deluxe Edition featuring bonus discs from both Igaban and Kogaban releases + lots of additional stuff. Call me crazy but I’m seriously considering getting this beauty:

Release date 18.02.2006

English subs included

Did you buy the Deluxe edition? It´s got to be so much fun throwing that Throwing star!Looks awesome ;D

No, I ran out of money. I friend of mine bought it, though. I got the Kogaban release instead.

Some of those earlier cover pics were a bit incorrect. Here’s the (almost*)actual covers:

Kogaban Igaban

  • the pics of the charachers on the bottom of the cover is just a pice of paper that shows which character cards are included. The actual covers don’t have any pics in them other than the Kouga-Manjidani / Iga-Tsubagakure logos.

    and specs:

    Disc 1

    The movie

    2.35:1 Anamorphic NTSC

    Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1 EX

    Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 surround

    English and Japanese subtitles
  • Bonus trailers

    Kogaban bonus disc

Visual effects development documentary

Action featurette

Art direction featurette

Weapons featurette

Press conference

TV spots and trailers

Plus five Kogaban character cards

[u]Igaban bonus disc[/u]
# Making of documentary
# Interviews with Yukie Nakama and Joe Odagiri
# [Mu no daichi] long version (deleted scene)
# Japan Premiere footage
# Plus five Igaban character cards

Standard Edition features Disc 1
Kogaban Edition features Disc 1 + Kogaban Bonus Disc
Igaban Edition features Disc 1 + Igaban Bonus Disc
Deluxe Edition features Disc 1 + Kogaban Bonus Disc + Igaban Bonus Disc + T-shirt featuring the crests of Kogaban and Igaban + ninja star + 2 makibishi pins + 2 secret cards + special booklet containing a bonus visual story + Hotarubi's small handbag (containing "gold dust" and "bathing powder") + special secret disc containing the music video Heaven by Hamasaki Ayumi