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She Wolf of the SS


Anyone watched this movie? I heard about it today… If anyone’s watched it pls tell me if Rob Zombie is a hack after watchin Grindhouse… This movie is relatively unknown so is it possible that Zombie stole the idea thinkin that nobody will find out?


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You talking about Ilsa,she wolf of the s.s.? if so everybody knows about that movie.

Edit:Havent seen the movie but I knew when I first heard of zombie’s trailer that Ilsa was the inspiration for the trailer.


yeah… first time i hear about it… sorry… the cover looks exactly like the werewolf women off the ss pics i saw… theres a difference between being inspired by an idea and stealing an idea… however im still not accusing rob zombie of bein a hack cuz i havent watched isla or his trailer… r there alot of movies with this theme naziploitation and werewolfs? if so i appologise for my post…


This stuff has nothing to do with Zombie not knowing about it and trying to trick us. Its about a bunch of directors making cool hommages to grindhouse films. Zombie’s trailer is partly based on/a hommage to this cult classic


Well he took the idea of a naziploitation and added werewolfs…eight days can you believe it only eight days left!


isla is a she wolf isnt she? gotta watch it soon… again im not hating on rob zombie or his trailer… just thought id get this move to ur attention… its new to me, but it seems yall heard about it before…


I thought you would have heard of it to since you seem like a fan of exploitation movies.


Quentins movie is a hommage to carsploitation movies… Roberts movie is a hommage to zombie movies… Edgar wrights trailer is a hommage to british horror… eli roths trailer is a hommage to holiday horror movies… roberts trailer is a hommage to all danny trejos characters in his movies… however zombies trailer is a hommage to ONE movie…


I heard about it yes, haven’t seen it though so post a little review after you’ve watched it…


yeah me i am… but im no laydback or popeypete if u knw what i mean… lol…


There were alot naziploitations(I believe) anyway if did copy(just say he did)than he would be exploiting them movie right?

I’ve seen alot of exploitation movies but LB and Pete have seen a shitload of them!


yeah i knw there was alot of naziploitation movies… thats not the case… im talking about the she wolf/were wolf thing, the custom, the whole idea is so similar not to naziploitation movies as a whole, but to ilsa: SWotSS on its own…


Lets discuss this after April 6th alright? :wink:


exactly… you got that one right… but im sure rob zombie will add his own flavour makin it an original work…


I change the title of the post to the movie that inspired WWotSS


Navajas… you double post alot… but when i do that i get slapped in the face by Hung Fist… actually maybe that was just because i did it in the Asian cinema section


Quentins movie is a hommage to carsploitation movies…

That one made me grin! Carsploitation! I wonder how those cars feel about being exploited?


Ilsa isn’t a werewolf though, she’s just called She Wolf in the title because she’s a vicious bitch…

So Zombie’s trailer will actually live up to its title a little bit more than Ilsa (you might be disappointed if you’re looking for werewolves in this one)…


Ilsa isn’t a werewolf though, she’s just called She Wolf in the title because she’s a vicious bitch…


lol ;D

Not as interesting… but more amusing…