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Sharon Osbourne Show

Quentin will be on Sharon Osbourne’s talk show Monday, November 3rd. It is on FOX at 5:00 pm eastern standard time. I heard Quentin and Sharon do some kung fu fighting together.

cool…thanx for the heads up. i’m sure QT is gonna be very entertaining as usual.

Please please, americans, record the show and put it on the internet!

What the fuck are they dooin’. what the fuck

[quote]What the fuck are they dooin’. what the fuck [/quote]

Lol. Looks like Quentin is applying the “Touch of Death”.

I hope somebody records this. I won’t be home and my VCR doesn’t work.

Im gonna watch it in a half hour. I’ll post what happens on the show for ya’s.

Looks like QT is teaching Sharon Animal Style Kung Fu in that pic! COOOOL!! 8)


QT drove to the show in the Pussy Wagon with Sharon. He was wearing his Elvis shades too! Him and Sharon walked in together.

QT included something especially for the movie geeks: He was IN Kill Bill, he is one of the dead Crazy 88s lying on the floor at the end of the HOBL fight!! 8)

QT gave Sharon her own DiVAS name and an eyepatch with a “C” on it for COBRA!

QTs wearing his red rockabilly suit.

QTs wearing a Kato mask right now.

QT said he didnt want to be a rookie action director, he wanted to be at the top with the best action directors of all time.

Sharon then said: Well you did it. (Applause)

“We’ve all seen Revenge movies before, we know what theyre about, so what I did was take out all the crap we’ve all seen before and didnt like the first twenty times we saw it and I just left in the good stuff.” - QT

Very cool interview!!!

At the end of the show QT and Sharon were fake kung fu fighting just like Clarence and Alabama in True Romance :wink:

This will be one show I’ll be sure to miss. I don’t like listening to Quentin talk. He makes great movies and he does have a kind of dorkish appeal, like, “Hey, he’s not that cool! He dosen’t seem so above me.” But this will probably be painful to watch.

comes on at 11pm for me.

[quote]Please please, americans, record the show and put it on the internet!


Done and Done! :slight_smile:

You recorded it for us? :o

I don’t know where to put it though… :frowning:

Is the video file all encoded an stuff, or is it still on your VHS tape?

Hopefully someone out there can host the file. I’d do it myself but I’m not really sure how. :-/ :frowning:

I’m going to put it on my computor tomorrow

thanks bullet. ;D

I still don’t know where to put it… :-[

If it’s on your computer, email the file to Tarantino Forum Admin..

Or just ask him what to do. I’m sure he can help out.

no NO! Bullet!

I can host your file for sure!! Even 200 megabytes! I don’t care I have huge 1000mbit servers!!

So do this, talk with me on ICQ 11645967 or my email

do this get this program:

and set the Streamload Username to: Charbax

Then just upload your file!! Hopefully you know how to encode it fine to for example DivX, but if you don’t know it’s ok! Just get the whole file uploaded and I’ll check if it can use a little compression I’ll quickly do that before I put the Link directly for all the people in here to download…

I think Bullet is cool!

I think bullet is a moron!