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Shamo - Live Action by Soi Cheang

Soi Cheang’s follow-up film to DOG BITE DOG is now in production. And its name shall be SHAMO.

Starring Shawn Yue and, supposedly, Francis Ng, Annie Liu, Bruce Leung Siu Lung, Dylan Kuo und Takuya Suzuki, the flick is based on a Japanese manga called SHAMO. The touching story of a boy who has everything until he slaughters his parents, is sent to a reformatory where he’s gang raped and abused, and then learns karate and turns himself into an unstoppable beating, hitting, kicking, punching and biting machine, this seems like a logical follow-up to DOG BITE DOG.

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Soi Cheang has suddently became the most interesting HK director. With my Dog Bite Dog disc still on its way (somewhere between Hong Kong and Finland), I can’t say anything for sure yet but he seems like a director who’s able to avoid the compromises and do films as he likes…

Looks very good

Teaser or trailer or something:

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What happened?

[quote=“HungFist”]Shamo (Hong Kong / Japan, 2007) – 1,5/5

Down goes Soi Cheang. 105 minutes of beat em up violence when a 16 year old killer turns into a fighting machine in prison, and tries to get even with the unfair world when he’s released. Shawn Yue is decently good in the lead role, and the manga feel is strong. Too bad they only rarely manage to overcome the bland execution. The director’s eye for visuals seem to have gone half-blind, too. Nice to see Weiying Pei on screen again, though.[/quote]

Love Battlefield - 4/5

Dog Bite Dog - 4,5/5

[quote=“Contrai”]…is sent to a reformatory where he’s gang raped and abused…[/quote]
Good lord! Looks like an interesting flick, like they might capture a little bit of that K1 kickboxing feel in those big arena fights in the trailer. It sucks though? That’s a bummer. If I stumble across it though, maybe I’ll grab it up just to check out the fight scenes. I saw a Muay Thai vs. Karate fight in that trailer for sure!