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Severed Bloody Limbs Promote Quentin Tarantino Flick

Here’s yet another entry in the long list of methods used to promote movies. To call attention to the DVD release of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, Amsterdam agency New Message has placed a bunch of bloody, severed arms in front of movie theaters throughout the Netherlands. We’re thinking those arms aren’t going to be on the ground very long as people pick them up and take them home to freak their friends out with later.

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lol, that’s great. but why not use Jungle Julia’s leg and stick the DVD between her toes?

Its in front of Tuschinski in Amsterdam :slight_smile:

The arm looks really fucking real! Cool promotion! 8)

That is seriousy stupid and fucked up… I love it.

That is fantastic! And, yes–they should have used Jungle Julia’s leg.

I have acquired one of KNB Butterfly test faces–see it here:

hahahaaha great the arm!