SELLING Django Unchained Premiere Tickets

Hey Tarantino fans,

I work with my friends highly successful VIP movie tickets company and we have a load of Django Unchained (10th January 2013) movie premiere tickets where all the stars will be! I was wondering if you guys would be interested, if so then just message me and I’ll give you contact details,

thanks a lot


for London, right?

Ah, I cant message you yet. I am very interested in Premiere Tickets (2) for this week.

Hey I am interested! I cant message you though yet since I am new to the site.

Hello Josh,

Do you have any tickets left? I need two and am willing to pay a lot of money for them in cash. Please contact me if you have any left:


Sam x

Please tell me if i can still get tickets or not. I really want them, no messing around ;D