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Screenwriters in the Shit

Figured it’s been dull around here for awhile maybe this can spark some conversation or something.

Screenwriters in the Shit

While Akiva Goldsman fiddles, more accomplished movie scribes burn


Every year, one of the major Hollywood talent agencies conducts a running tally of all studio jobs snagged by screenwriters. In 2005, there were 10 percent fewer hires than the year before. So far for 2006, there are 15 percent fewer. That’s a big drop in two years. “These jobs,â€? said the admittedly depressed literary agent, “just disappeared.â€? A manager joins the pity party and describes a litany of givebacks by his scribbling clients: free treatments, free rewrites, free polishes and/or free script-doctoring â€â€

SHIT! guess I better get that shovel out and go back to digging ditches. >:(