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Science Fiction Movies

Hello, all. I noticed that there aren’t a lot of good sci-fi movies out there. Most have decent special effects but most also have really bad stories and acting. The last real scifi movie I really liked was probably The 5th Element. The original Matrix was good, too. Do you think Hollywood sacrifices a good script for better effects?

Or, is it because no good director wants to try and take on this genre?

Is it that poorly represented? The 2 next Avatars, Prometheus, the next James Cameron project (before Avatar 2 & 3), Looper, there were talks about a new Alien movie…

I mean, it’s not as popular as rom coms, but it still can cash out a lot of money (Avatar, Inception, Star Trek 2009, District 9… and I’m pretty sure the AVPs made way too much money compared to their actual quality, just from the top of my head, during the recent years).

I’d say it’s harder to make a good enough Sci Fi movie and requires a lot more work (and probably costs) than just finding a good idea and having good dialogs as comedies do. That’s my answer to your question. But they’re still out there, and we have at least one or two sci-fi gems each year. For 2011/2012, I’d say look out for Looper.

Another very interested movie project was just announced: Gondry is set to adapt Philip K. Dick novel Ubik: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … %2FFilm%29”></LINK_TEXT>

I haven’t read Ubik, but I’ve read my share of P.K.Dick’s short stories and they’re genius. So, that combined to the immense capabilities of Gondry, that sounds incredibly good!

I’m eagerly waiting this movie:

Iron Sky is a Finnish sci-fi comedy about the nazis who have set up a secret base on the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018. It’s mostly in English with wordwide release. I hope this movie will blow my brains out.

Honestly im saying… I dislike the Sci-fi movies!

God forbid someone steps back from the effects laden action movies and takes on some interesting ideas that just so happen to be presented through the sci-fi genre. Nearly every movie based on a Philip K. Dick story comes to mind. As much as I hated District 9 it seemed to have some interesting takes on the problems of apartheid and xenophobia.

[quote=“kelly357012”]what about Apollo 18? I love to watch this movie,.[/quote]
Nothing than just a worst movie.

Watched it at cinema with friends at releasing time, really disappointed at that time, such a wastage of time and money >:(

Action, drama, and comedy are my genres taste on tv and i watch csi new york episodes online and watch bleach episodes according it!