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Scene Missing In Vol. 2

Anyone else notice that the scene that was in the trailer for part 1 wasn’t in either of the movies its the scene with the black guy in some kitchen area swinging a bo around like crazy. i was disapointed it wasnt in the movie and was wondering if anyone knows why. if you arent sure what scene im talking about watch the teaser trailer for part 1. its right near the begining of the trailer.

The scene was intended to be near the beginning of Volume 2, it was a flash back of the first time Beatrix saw Bill carry out an assassination, it apparently replaced another scene where Bill goes to some casino or something and cuts a bunch of guys up. I’m not exactly sure why it was cut, but perhaps it just didn’t cut the mustard.

Just out of curiousity, did anyone else find Volume 2 to go by faster than Volume 1? Even though Vol 2 is actually 30 minutes longer, it seems shorter to me,

It seemed that way to me. After every chapter would end, I would be like “damn, it’s over already?” The whole movie seemed to fly by fast, especially with the very short first chapter and the The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei. By the time Uma got to Bill, I couldn’t believe it…this movie seemed shorter to me than Volume 1 for some reason.

we already mentioned weeks ago, that the Da Moe sequence was deleted. it will appear on the DVD, though

does anybody know what happend to that scene that was in the full Vol. 2 trailer where Bill Throws a knife the was hidden in his sword handle into a chinese mans face?

There’s so many little snippets that didnt make it into either movie. Like in the first Vol.1 teaser we see Elle walking down the hallway, but she’s not whistling or anything, she’s jus got a cool look on her face. Also, all the scenes of the Vipers, like Mike Madsen grinning at Beatrix on the floor. Theres tons of shit that is different from the movie and or didnt make the cut at all. That jus goes to show how much shit Tarantino filmed.

There’s also a shot of Beatrix’s eye opening wide and dilating in the vol. 1 teaser. The color contrast makes it look like something out of the Buck scene.

Plus that footage of Elle firing her M-16 outside. Where was that supposed to go?

I’m going to guess a good portion of stuff was cut. Bill killing anyone besides Beatrix? I want to see that shit! Probably being saved for the DVD.

Someone said earlier Volume 2 went by faster for them. For me, Volume 1 is beginning to be real, real quick. Then again, I’ve seen it so many times.

I was reading Fangoria today and it has an interview with QT in it about vol. 2. Some of the pictures in the article include 2 pictures of 4 chinese guys who attack Bill. Also in the interview QT talks as if the Japanese got a special cut for this version also. Can anybody verify that statement?

p.s. I don’t have a scanner or anything and i didn’t buy the issue so i can’t transcribe it.

piss me off how qt released kill bill dvd without any extras when there are so many scenes that have been cut out. Now i gotta go buy it again when they release the special edition. All the scenes that have been cut better on it. The scene with the hobl better be in color too. I also heard in the japanese version it shows the bride cutting off sophie’s other arm too.