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Scene about Fergie

Wasnt there suppose to be a scene where fergie gets her brain scooped out of her head and eaten and thats why its extended. Cause i hear its extended on the dvd is that true does she get her brain scooped out and eaten and thats why they say no brainer i have just been hearing of some brain eating scene and i then hear about fergies death being extended so i didnt know if thats what happens anyone know?

From what Ive seen its not in the movie. They do turn her over for a good view of the inside of her skull though. The gore factor is cranked way up in this edit. I love when the dog flys out of the truck.

whats the famous brain eating scene that everyone was talking about thats in the extended version.

Here it goes:

And here’s all Fergie bits from PT:


So if the missing reel is not included in this dvd copy - does that mean that the missing reel doesn’t exist and was never filmed…SACRE BLU?

Seems that way, I thought that sucked too. I still dont know who the fucl El Wray is either

Did anyone see QT doing his zombie in the planet Terror special features?! Man that was priceless, he is overly aggressive with Fergie. She shows us a close shot of Qt’s teeth marks on her arm. “Quentin fucking bit me!” - that was so fucking hilarious.