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Scarface and Kill Bill

I was watching Scarface last night and at the end of the film Tony gets shot and falls into that pool. Suddenly I thought about how the big HOBL fight ends: The Bride slices Johnny Mo in half and he falls into a pool.

Coincidence or on purpose? :slight_smile:

Wow,I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out; but I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Kill Bill has various DePalma references. The split-screen and that long HOBL overhead shot both reminded me of “Carrie”. Not to say that the Bride becomes all splattered with blood at the end, just like Carrie did. :slight_smile:

Wow Vic, didn’t notice that. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, knowing Quentin. He probably loves scarface and DePalma so much that he made a small tribute / reference to it. Anyway, I love it.

I think its just a coincidence. QT probably did it just because it looked fucking cool, not because of any reference to Scarface.

pete, you should know better: this belongs in the references thread

[quote]I think its just a coincidence.  QT probably did it just because it looked fucking cool, not because of any reference to Scarface.[/quote]

Knowing QT, it’s never just a coincidence with him.

he does everything on purpose, never “JUST” because it looks cool.


Yep. De Palma was the master of the split screen. I definately think that is a reference.

Yeah u have them both falling in the pool and both tony and uma thurman kill a ton of people and they both have the verticle shot of them and both scenes end with them on top of a huge flight of stairs i doubt it was a coincidence

This point was already brought up in the reference section.

I’t must have been done on purpose.

Similarities between the two:

1)Scarface was full of blood (chainsaw scene)

2)catchy dialogue throughout the film (QT’s movie all have memorable lines)

3)the MPAA had major problems with both movies

4)use of camera angles

5)use of the word FUCK

Any other thoughts?

Got another one

In Scarface - more and more Colombians kept on rushing into TM house to kill him.

In KB - Crazy88 soldiers (sort of) arrived in the same way.

well there isn’t anything anymore that suprises me in qt movies 8)

Good observation Toothpick. I think that it is on purpose, and QT knew exactly what he was doing, and for both movies, I think that they want ed the actors to fall in water, because it is way easier to shoot that, than them hitting a mat on the ground and then shooting again with a fake fall of probably about 2 feet. i like the water better,anyway.

I just came across this cool article on the connections between Tarantino and DePalma (my favorite directors):

[SPOILER if u havn’t seen SCARFACE (1983)]

At the end when Tony comes to the door, and Manny opens…the camera slowly ZOOMS into Tony’s face (who is now pissed off beyond recognition) and during the zoom we hear Tony’s badass theme come into soundtrack. Then he SHOOTs Manny…the badass theme cutting out.

This reminded me of 2 instances in Kill Bill…one the vengeance theme reminds me of Tony’s theme…the zooming into the CU and being super pissed.

and Uma Thurman kicking Vernita’s ass at the end of the Vengeance theme…kinda like Tony shooting Manny.