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Tarantino uses this name for a cop in Reservoir Dogs and in Natural Born Killers. I wonder if he used it in other film and if the Scagnetti’s have a relation.

Who is Seymour Scagnetti??

the man who follows mr blonde on his conditional

Oh yeh, i remember now.

QT has some contract that he can use the same surnames for characters leaving huge potential to do spin offs, prequels or sequels to his films. Explaining why a lot of characters share the same surname over his films, but then is complicated with the ‘universes.’ 8)

scagnetti is also in natural born killers and they use the same actor-i think he really existed-hes a detective novel writer that also has an unfinished novel called “scagnetti by scagnetti” that you see mallory in natural born killers reading all the time.

Tom Seizemore, the guy who played Scagnetti, did the voice of Sonny Forreli in GTA: Vice City. Just some random information for you all.

The real Scagnetti is Jack Scagnetti, a Hollywood agent who at one point was Quentin’s.

also used in True Romance, correct?

not that I know of…who the fuck is Scagnetti in True Romance?

there is no scagnetti in TR, in NBK its Jack Scagnetti, and in RD, Vic Vega’s(mr.blonde) parol officer is Seymour scagnetti.

yeah that’s what I thougth…

wtf is melchizedeknm talkin’ about?