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Salò or the 120 days of sodom, anybody seen it?

I saw this sick movie a couple of months ago and I WAS FUCKING SHOCKED! it is just sick and disgusting… has anybody seen it or pasolinis other movies? tell me what you think.

i love it, its shocking for a reason, its a political film, politics lead to torture, its a horrible thing

"Without bloodshed, there’s no pardon" - The President

theres a new special edition coming out soon too, i suggest you all pick it up, this should be screened in school, Alex de Large style 8)

my favorite Pasolini film is Edipo re (dunnu the english title), its an excellent film about pre war Italy, its got great tension and the same ‘haunting’ feelings to it like salo has

haha yeah i think i should have been shocked by that film but i wasnt.

i saw a couple of months ago… uuuughh it was just too much for me, i turn it of after 40 minutes.

My dad went to see it on the theater back then…Everybody started to leav the salong…He was about to puke :slight_smile:

Where can I download it at?

Dude! you dont wanna download it :-X

Try ,<—most likely to have it. or

Pretty shocking little flick. Really, the most disgusting is the feces banquet at the end - aside from that it’s a fairly standard, albeit disturbing, art-house/exploitation affair. The Marquis De Sade was F-ed up, big time :smiley: What stands out most in my memory is one of the politico’s kissing a boy, and smearing feces on his lips. Now that just ain’t right :o I wasn’t really expecting it to be that shocking, like Irreversible or The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover which I found to be pretty hyped but didn’t deliver - Salo however, sure did :slight_smile: I reccomend it for sure, everyone needs an endurance challenge :slight_smile: