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Rzas involvement with the soundtrack

at the start of vol one it says “original music by the Rza” and in the making of the film documentary theirs an interview with the rza which sort of emphasizes his contribution. What was actual involvement with the sound track? how much music did he actually do?

cheers for any replies and forgive my ignorance on the matter

i think the last song in vol 1, was suggested to quentin by rza after the latter heard it at a thai restaurant or something. i personally dont think rza did much at all, if you get the soundtrack cd it says what hes credited for. i think the beats during pai mei scene in vol 2 esp the bit where shes punching the wood, was done by rza or is an old wu tang instrumental coz it sounds proper his style

i think what quentin had in mind when he said he wanted rza and the guy from metallica to work together was coz in the original script the crazy 88 fight was sountracked to metal music but maybe after quentin saw the 5678s and decided to put them in the whole mood of the scene changed so he didnt need it anymore and so rzas contribution was cut way down

Did Rza not do the sound effects? I was under the impression that he did. Isnt that what a score is?

Who from Metallica he wanted?

[quote]Who from Metallica he wanted?[/quote]

Lars Ullrich. the drummer

Rza also did the beat that was playing while the bride was in the hospital room right before she slices up Buck