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Ryuhei Kitamura

Any Kitamura fans in here? I’m just curious as to what else he’s worked on aside from Down to Hell, Versus, and Azumi. I heard of 2 movies called Alive and Battlefield Baseball but am not entirely sure how he was related to them.

I’ve only seen Versus so far, only because every one of my friends keeps telling me how bad his other films are. I definitely plan to start checking out his other films sometime soon, just got to find the right flick to check out first.

I’ve seen Down To Hell, Versus, Azumi, Alive, and Heat after Dark. All of the kick ass. I also have the new Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes which has new cutscenes directed by him which needless to say rock fucking balls.

well, allthough we have an Azumi topic opern, I thing that this man deserves that we talk about his other films too.

So which of his movies has you seen and what do you think about him?


MESSENGER & ARAGAMI where ok, not really god, but okay, the rest was vain pretentious and sometimes very childish crap.

hehehehehehe, I just sat here and waited for this replay my sweet Hisa-Babe.

Well I liked Versus a lot.

And of course I will see Azumi at the FFF.

hehehe and btw my angel, if you think in this way about Kitamura, why do you have seen so much of him?

I do respect Ryuhei Kitamura a lot, because he can do so much with a rather small budget. His films kinda always look larger than life. I really admire his freaky camera-work and cool stand-alone-shots, he doesn´t want to challenge the viewer with sophisticated thoughts, just wants to entertain on a very high level and rarely fails to do so. Thats my opinion. Still have to see “Versus”, though.

[quote]hehehe and btw my angel, if you think in this way about Kitamura, why do you have seen so much of him?[/quote]
Cauz I 'am a hopeless optimist…8)

I found this great interview with Kitamura:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … mura.shtml”></LINK_TEXT>

It is really worth to read it.

(Late reply, but with the release of Godzilla Final Wars it might be worth it to revive) I love the man. The only films of his i don’t have are Final Wars and Down to Hell (can’t find a copy.)

I really enjoy all of his films, exception Longinus. Not utter trash, but pretty lackluster overall.

I’ feel his best work was the short film the Messenger, or at least it owuld have been if it had stopped a little bit sooner.

ANyway, has anyone seen Godzilla Final Wars yet? I need to get it… how is it?

For me Final Wars is a cool movie - definatly!

You will love it, if you like the old Gozilla movies. I saw it on the Big Screen and there was a party going on! People scream and clapped hands. And the Freys Oneliner were so good.

I´m pretty sure, that Godzilla haters never ever can stand this movie. But it was made with love and knowledge! This was the absolutly perfect 50th movie!

Longinus, same here. I found it not that good. It was kinda stageplay for me, but there was no real message behind it.

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