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Run Lola Run

Anyone seen this. its a great german movie and has great paradox on time. im sure the admin knows what i mean.

I know that movie and you’re right.

german movies ain’t very well but this is one that managed to become famous in the usa

do you know if it runs in theatres in german language with subtitles??

i downloaded it from kazaa (sorry) it has subtitles approx 600MB only D/L if you have fast connection.

Great music…

anyone see the Simpsons which sends up Run Lola Run…

Run LISA Run indeed… all the way to West Springy…

I think this is the most shitty, overrated german movie I’ve ever seen.

Franka Potente can’t act - the music is cheap (the director was involved - should have focused on the cast instead).

Sometimes I feel ashame for beeing german.

If you want to see a really well done german movie try ‘Goodbye Lenin’ - I don’t know if there is a chance to see it outside europe but it’s definitely worth a try.

yeah, Lola is really not one of the good german films.

good german movies:

  • Metropolis
  • Stalingrad
  • Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  • Comedian Harmonists

    … and a lot more, but definitely not Lola :wink:

I saw it a month ago and it was fucking great.

I rented it a few months ago and I loved it. I thought Franka was great. The film has a brilliant use of time and the ideas behind the plot (one split-second, one decision can change your whole destiny) is very intriguing.

To answer your question, Mr._Bill, the video I rented was german with subtitles and I’m pretty sure that when it was screened in the cinema they did the same thing.


thats what I thought by myself and already heard.

I think in the USA most foreign movie are screening in their original language and are subtitled.

Here in germany all movies are sychronized. In some theatres they also have the original version. But only one of twenty or so.

So, we can all be happy they invented the dvd.

i liked run lola run a lot, and yes metropolis is even better, it’s amazing , and way ahead of its time.

metropolis is tremendous, no doubt…

i think it’s a totally fucking pity that only shit-fuck movies like RUN LOLA RUN get a release in the USA.

I mean, its a decent movie


there are better german movies than RLR and they dont even get mentioned in the USA:

“Knockin’ on heaven’s door” one of the greatest 90s movie from germany, with Rutger Hauer and Til Schweiger and all and that movie is just great

"Der Eisbaer" (“The Polar-Bear”) a great satire about a killer, and its just great editing and directing, and would hit US box offices like a bomb because its just a cool movie. what movie does have two kids robbing burger kind for 40 cheese-burgers and then paying for the diet-coke??

“Das Boot” is a germen movie, right? Now that’s one of very very very very few war movies I can stand watching! ;D Never seen “Run Lola Run” but I have been dying to see “Stalingrad” for a long time.

DAS BOOT is the most realistic and exhilarating submarine drama ever. it’s great.

STALINGRAD ist tremendous. about the hardest and most realistic ww2 movies.

From the second topic about RLR:

herbduck wrote:

I just took out Run Lola Run and it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.

Lola’s boyfriend lost 100,000 of his Mob boss’ money and Lola has 20 minutes to get him the money or else he’s dead. The movie shows three different scenarios of what happens.

It’s fucking incredible.

the admin wrote:

this ‘movie’ was such crap

ODing_Bitch wrote:

really like that movie…i liked how things can be soo different by one little thing you do. although…i did hate the “scream” with a passion…it was wierd.

Starkey wrote:

I coulden’t say it was the best but it wasn’t crap. I would take 10 run lola runs over another cop duo flick. I would take 100 run lola run’s over another romantic comedy. My point is that without people trying something new we would have never gotten great movies like Pulp Fiction.

Herduck wrote:

The screaming thing was stupid. It did have quite a few stupid parts but overall, I loved it. Those “and then” parts were great.

It reminded me of Tarantino quite a bit for some reason.

I think I liked it because of the almost unbearable tension at points. Like when Manni’s running after the bum on the bike and dosen’t catch him. You just get pissed off! And the whole style was just so cool, especially the beginning. Even the techno worked perfectly.

BadMotherFucker wrote:

Eh. It was ok. I watched it with Starkey a while ago and kind of liked it, but then i rented it a few months back and didn’t think it was that good. Good attemp and good ideas though, just not great.

Wolf wrote:

I thought this movie licked balls, but I did like the actress. She was kind of hot, in a rough way.

Wow, I think this movie is wonderful. It is my second favorite film of all time. I love Franka Potente in this because she played this tough, independent woman that was determined.

It is why I hated The Bourne Identity so much because she was the exact opposite of her role in this film.

Personally i like Run Lola Run a lot. It’s not a work of art by any means (more of an 80 min. music video) but it is still a fun ass movie to pop in and turn the volume up fucking loud and just have fun with it.

I loved this flick when it came out and watched it a bunch of times. Great idea - cerebral - great music -

I bought this on DVD like last week. Good movie in a non-linear kind of way. As for some of the Germans here who are slagging it - dont, its better than anything Australia has released in some time. Be proud a german film even got seen by ignorant english-speaking audiences, which is most of us unfortunately.

The best german movies are the films by Werner Herzog and with Klaus Kinski starring. Just like “Aguirre, Wrath of God”, “Cobra Verde”, “Nosferatu”, “Fitzcarraldo” and “Woyzeck”. Great movies by Herzog, but today he’s only a poor director.

And “Run Lola Run” is not really a movie I like. I don’t know, it isn’t my style.

i thought Run Lola Run was pretty good, but comparing it to films like Metropolis or Das Boot it is obviously not going to match up. i have kind of noticed that all the germans in teh forum are paying it out. i would be proud, as Usurper said it is better than any recent Australian stuff. I wish we bothered to make films like that lol. (but i cant complain, Australia has done alright)

Das Boot got a pretty good release in Australia though. But we need a German film festival one, we have a Russian one for Christ’s sake, but what about a German one!

Metropolis kicks major arse!!! it really isn’t fair comparing it to Run Lola Run…