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hello there. although I think RTP is practically dead or something (website dead, no new releases, no infos), there is still an ammount of RTP releases available for sale.

I would be interested in which ones you own, how good they are etc…

some examples: Sonatine VHS, The Beyond DVD, Switchblade Sisters DVD, Chungking Express VHS, Curdled VHS, The mighty Peking man DVD, Detroit 9000 DVD, Hard Core Logo DVD

I have Switchblade Sisters and The Beyond on DVD. The Beyond isnt a Rolling Thunder Pictures release its Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Switchblade Sisters is a must for any Exploitation fan. It was made before The Warriors, its kinda a female version, but its more gritty and exploitative. Theres a character in it called Patch, a girl with one eye gone. This was probably part of the inspiration for Elle Driver in Kill Bill. The other being the chick in They Call Her One Eye. I really like the look of the film, Jack Hill stated that he exposed the film stock a certain way so the picture took on a blue hue. Very interesting.

The Beyond is a must have for any fan of Italian Gore films. The visuals are awesome. The DVD is great looking too. Lots of extras. Lucio Fulcis classic gore movie complete with eyes popping out, tarantula attacks, chains to the face and more.

I havent seen the other films, but I wanna get them on DVD too.

From that list i’ve only seen The Beyond and Sonatine. Both films are great.

The Beyond is without a doubt Lucio Fulci’s greatest work, i have yet to see one of his films that has surpassed or even reached it’s level of greatness.

Sonatine is one of my personal favorite films. Takeshi Kitano has made some really great films, but Sonatine really seems like the benchmark of all his work.

I really want to see Switchblade Sisters, i’ve heard so much good stuff about it that it seems sure to entertain. I’ve had the chance to see both Curdled and Hard Core Logo in the past, but turned down the opportunity for some dumbass reason. I’ll probably check out Hard Core logo on one of my trips to the video store seeing as they have it on dvd.

I’ve seen Sonatine and Chunking Express…

Sonatine is a typical Takeshi Kitano movie, so I suppose if you liked Kids Return and Hana-Bi you’ll probably like this one as well - personally, I could do without Kitano’s films, they’re just not quite for my taste. Although of all his films, I do think I liked this one best.

Chunking Express is a very cool movie, it’s pretty weird and cult, and quite good - and Wong Kar-Wai directed it really well, it has a unique visual style to it. I’d recommend it. 8)

Switchblade Sisters is classic…

"Eveybody’s gotta be in a gang!"

I love the part where they are in prison and everybody is throwing people onto the ground BARELY keeping their shirts on!! LOL

It’s just a fun little movie to watch. And the quality, which I was surpised of, is quite good. Nice film.

I never realised that Rolling Thunder picked up ‘Hard Core Logo’. Neat. Being Canadian it was just released regularly up here.

Watch it for Hugh Dillons performance (especially at the end) And if you like the music, Hugh’s the lead singer for a band called ‘The Headstones’. Pick up their first album ‘Picture of Health’. Pure hard rock, you’ll love it.

Interestly Tarantino auditioned Dillon for the part that eventually went to Micheal Keaton in ‘Jackie Brown’.

Oh and ‘Hard Core Logo’ is a mock-rockumentary of a fictitious band, Hard Core Logo, getting back together for a final tour run across (most of the way :P) Canada.

Hello fellow fans!

I am currently working in a Rolling Thunder Pictures extravaganza for

It will be a small section of the website that deals specificly with the movies/dvds released by QT’s RTP company. It will offer information about the movie and the possibilty to order them as well as, as much info on the company as I could gather.

I have to say, while I’m writing this I am ordering a bunch of RTP DVDs myself, because I am afraid they’ll be sold out soon… but check out the website this week and you’ll see when the ROLLING THUNDER PICTURES retrospective is online!

be cool

as you can see it’s online.

If you have any of those movies, send in your reviews and comments about them I will put them online.

If you don’t, be sure to order them, before they get sold out. Just to make sure, I ordered myself a bunch.

Coming soon at - the Rolling Thunder Pictures retrospective, in association with

SIX RT releases reviewed!

Also check out for a complete list of films with information, buying links, covers and more!

hi there.

I did some research today. I updated the Rolling Thunder filmography with a few links, and while I did that, I checked the latest prices on these DVDs, here you go:

I think they are quite bargains now: (please use the link on my site, thanks):

  • Mighty Peking Man DVD: $13.49 (VHS: $9.98)
  • Detroit 9000 DVD: $17.99 (VHS: $9.99)
  • Switchblade Sisters DVD: $17.99 (VHS: $9.99)
  • Chungking Express DVD: $12.99 (VHS: $9.99)
  • Hard Core Logo DVD: $17.99 (VHS: $9.98)

    There were price-drops announced, for example Detroit 9000 is supposed to be about 10 Dollars pretty soon, I don’t know when amazon is gonna cut the prices. Stay tuned for that. Switchblade Sisters is definitely worth every penny, so is Chungking Express, great movie.

    So bottom line: If you desperately wanna get them all on DVD, buy those under 14 bucks, and wait until the others are dropping.

    Other cheap stores to check out:

    please post here if you found any of the Rolling Thunder DVDs somewhere really cheap

I got hard core logo special edition for 12.99 canadian

according to, Buena Vista will drop the price of DETROIT 9000 DVD (which is great!) to 9.99 on February 3rd

Buena Vista will also finally release CURDLED on DVD March 2nd!

Finally, at the news section, you can now take a look at the cover and the specs, and here’s the link:

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I just got the ‘‘Switchblade sisters’’ dvd off a seller in the U.s. via ebay for a fiver which is a bargain, ive heard so much about this film and i cant wait to see it and now im interested in getting the other films available now 8)

[quote]I just got the ‘‘Switchblade sisters’’ dvd off a seller in the U.s. via ebay for a fiver which is a bargain, ive heard so much about this film and i cant wait to see it and now im interested in getting the other films available now 8)[/quote]

you should get Chungking Express next, it is an awesome film and a good introduction to Wong Kar Wai.

Detroit 9000 is a blaxploitation crime film, Mighty Peking Man an asian gozilla-type film, Hard core logo a band mockumentary and Curdled is a crime film

You always forget Sonatine. ::slight_smile:

[quote]You always forget Sonatine. ::slight_smile:[/quote]

yes, because it’s not on a Rolling Thunder DVD

Why though? It’s the best film they’ve probably put out.

[quote]Why though? It’s the best film they’ve probably put out.[/quote]

I dont know. maybe they don’t own the DVD rights to it for whatever bizarre reason. but maybe someday they will. hell, RTP is dead since several years ago and yet this year they released Curdled on DVD, under the name of RTP, so maybe there’s still hope for Sonatine