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Rollin withn the qt (now on video)


WHAT CAN I SAY? PIMPIN IS EASY FOR THE QT!!! That chick was cute too! :slight_smile:

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I wish Quentin wouldn’t be such a lazy partying ass. Why not make a movie now and then instead of celebrating? He has to realize he has a special gift to make awesome films that nobody else has, which makes it a crime to be such a lazy partying dork as he is.

sorry but i’ve thought of this many times…

"You don’t see us at the Polo Lounge, on the tennis court or at parties. You see us at the office seven days a week.’'

Yoram Globus of Cannon Films, in 1987


he just made a movie, you dork :wink:


[quote=“The Seb”]
he just made a movie, you dork :wink:

yeah i guess we can be happy we only had to wait 3 years this time.

One and a half hour of new QT material, then what? at least 4 years before anything new. sigh


he’s not exactly in need of money


[quote=“The Seb”]
he’s not exactly in need of money

i’m fully aware of that, and I think it’s part of the problem.

and what kinda answer is that? the man loves movies like crazy and can create miracoulsy awesome movies, and still has given us only 6 movies since 1991.


i am not saying i like it that way, but there’s not really a way we can change this. he’s making this for fun, and he’s not a workhorse like rodriguez or spielberg or something…

we should be happy with what we have ;-))


yeah, you’re right. and i am happy. 4 of his films are in the top 10 list of my favourite movies of all time. there is no matching that from any director…ever.

but damn - Death Proof better be good.


Death Proof good? No way!! Its gonna be so boring!! lol.