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Role of Capitalism/Labor in RD

I’m writing a paper for my college english course about RD. The topic is capitalism or labor. The thesis has to be very specific concerning the role of either of the 2 subjects. I’m having a bit of a hard time find examples throughout the movie. Is there anyone who can help me?


Capitalism in RD? WTF? It’s been almost a year now but I’m guessing you’ve had a hard time writing this thesis. You should have picked an Oliver Stone film.

well you can write about tipping / low wage labor, and use mr pink’s arguments and test them against facts?

Something like Wall Street would be a better film to cover. RD isnt that kind of movie. Its a heist film. Its not some commentary on capitalism in America.

Hahaha, wtf, why did you pick RD? Looking for challenge?

Yea, I had this assignment in the fall of last year. It was for some crazy ass English class, the instructor was a real conspiracy theory nut type of person. It was extremly hard, and I think I either got a C or a D on this paper. It was so lame. The only reason why I chose it cause I’m a big 'tino fan, and cause I can quote the movie. I thought I knew it pretty well.

Once upon a time in the west is a good choice.