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Roger Avary's take on Kill Bill

[quote]But Avary, bless him, bears no grudges, or else covers them up well. “We saw each other recently. We hugged, we talked about our movies. That’s all we can do now because we’re holding on to our own ideas.” Just when you thought this man couldn’t get any sweeter, he admits to being awfully excited about the opening night of Kill Bill, Tarantino’s upcoming martial arts thriller. “I purposely haven’t read the screenplay. I’m not going to the premiere. I want to be there on opening night with all the other fans who are prepared to eat paint in order to see the movie. It looks like just the kind of cheese I like with my cracker.”[/quote]

Don’t know if it has been posted before but I’ll take my chances. Personally, I thought that was a pretty nice thing to say considering what’s happened in the past with them. The entire article can be found here:

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It’s somewhat old (March) but it focuses on Avary’s film The Rules of Attraction and his relationship (past and present) with Quentin.

I want to see Roger make a great original movie, something not based on a Bret Easton Ellis book and without teen actors.

I read what he said awhile ago actually. I still hope QT doesnt do anymore work with Avary though even if they are friends.


I think Avary has to come up with something break-through-like. Rules of Attraction was funny and original but too weird for broader audiences.

I think it’s a nice quote, LongHairYuppieScum, shows that QT and Roger are no kids but good friends and colleagues.

It’s just a personal “wish” kinda thing, but I would enjoy the hell out of it, if QT would cast Roger for lets say… 40 lashes or something :wink:

Anyone got any more quotes from Avary regarding QT’s films?

(No Death Proof jokes about the car accident, please ;D)