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Rodriguez divorce

RR is getting divorced?! Damn! I never expected that.

[quote]Damn! I never expected that. [/quote]

I don’t think anybody did!

Hasnt he like 6 kids or something?? :stuck_out_tongue:

actually it doesn’t say he’s getting divorced anywhere

Rodriguez Splits with Wife

Sin City filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and his wife Elizabeth Avellan have split after 16 years of marriage. Rodriguez and Avellan insist their separation is amicable and they plan to raise their five children together, as well as continuing to work professionally as partners in their Troublemaker Studios production company, reports Rodriguez, 37, told the crew on the set of his new movie Grind House, “This is an extremely painful time for me and my family, and Elizabeth and I very much appreciate your understanding and patience.” The Weinstein Company plans to release Grind House, Rodriguez’s collaboration with longtime friend Quentin Tarantino, later this year.

maybe they’re just splitting up, but not legally, smart thing when you’ve got money like they do

ahh, 5 kids

Rocket, Racer, Rebel and Rogue - what did they call the 5th one?


Haha, Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue… and John.

Nah, I don’t know.


Haha, Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue… and John.[/quote]


I haven’t actually heard much about the 5th kid - is it too male or did they finally have a baby girl? I am going to hazard a guess that the name will begin with R.

Rhiannon is the name, i’m guessing it’s a girl, not sure

Rocket, Rebel, Racer, Robo, Rhiannon, Pony Boy, Soda Pop, Dweezil, Moon Unit…

What kind of names are those? I wouldn’t even call my pet like that.

I kinda like Rogue… But the other ones are just weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Rocket haha! sounds like a stripper name! ;D

Rhiannon, yeah it is a girls name, I used to teach a girl called Rhiannon. They certainly aren’t your run of the mill kids names.

Sounds like Ritalon, a drug…

Well I would take the name sue anytime over these names. Aren’t there any laws against giving your kid stupid names?

Some celebrity named their kid Audio Science which is pretty shitty, I watched this program about Wacky Kid names. I fell quite sorry for them, at school the other kids will be like, ‘You’re Mum was on drugs when she named you!’ I am so thankful my mum called me Stephanie.

If he ever had kids, what do you think QT would call them? Would he go down the RR route and give his kids names beginning with the same letter?

Atleast him and his “ex-wife” don’t hate eachother and are still going to work together… if they fully seperated and hated one another…RR would be too depressed to finish planet terror. :frowning:

Jason Lee called his son “Pilot Inspektor”, which is cool as fuck

There is always Bob Geldof and Paula Yates’ kids.

Fifi Trixibelle,

Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa,

Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily

and Little Pixie.

Also Travis Barker (from Blink 182) and his wife called their daughter Alabama, after Alabama in True Romance.


Also Travis Barker (from Blink 182) and his wife called their daughter Alabama, after Alabama in True Romance.