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Rod Grier thanks Tarantino


I just came to know that the paintings in Vivica Fox’s house at the end of Vol.1 were in fact the works of Rod Grier, brother of Pam Grier. Here’s the article:

Visual artist Rod Grier has enjoyed critical acclaim ever since Quentin Tarantino selected his works for inclusion in the now cult classic Kill Bill. Grier’s work was seen in Vivica Fox’s home in the beginning of the movie.

With Kill Bill Volume 2 slated to hit the theaters Friday, April 16, Grier, brother of acclaimed actress Pam Grier, is anticipating a resurgence of interest in his art. "With the success of the Kill Bill films, a broader audience has now been exposed to my work. It is an artist’s dream to have his paintings become instant collector items, and I owe it all to Tarantino’s vision !"

Anyway, I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it. Didn’t know Pam had a brother, and if any of you ever wondered where that weird blood-splattered painting in Vernita’s house came from, well, here’s the answer.




Thats great! I wasnt aware that Pam had a brother or that he is an artist. But hearing that Rod Griers artwork is in Kill Bill is very cool indeed. Ill make sure to look closely when I watch the movie next week on DVD. :slight_smile:


That’s cool… I’ll check it out when I get my hands on the DVD


Since I happen to have KB on divx, the paintings in Vernita’s home are pretty much awful! Especially the one in the kitchen. White painting with a few blood marks on it. It’s really lame IMO!


I remember reading something about this before…and i dont think the paintings are lame - they sort of serve a unique symbolic purpose - red blood-like sprayed white paintings in a retired assassin’s home… I always thought they looked pretty cool. To each his own i guess.


there is a screen cap with the picture in it…

Edit: The Picture


I just bought a Rod Grier original and had no idea who he was until I got it home. I took the frame apart to make sure it wasn’t a print because he sells prints too. I was able to get a little pastel pigment to come off on to a q-tip and I can see where he signed it in pencil first and then signed again in sharpie or something.

Quite the score from an ARC thrift store!! The picture attached is after I had it re-framed.