Rock All Night : Tarantino is rock'n'roll

I’m following Quentin Tarantino and all his public move steps on the web since a long time now, because i love his whole cinema bloody affairs… I love the man so much, i love his wit, and i love his Oeuvre. So here’s my forecast : the film “Roger Corman’s Rock All Night” will be the main inspiration for the next Tarantino movie… Just an intuition !

In fact, this is not really an intuition, more an observation… Because that movie is so tarantinoïd, with that couple going somewhere at the end, very very dear to Tarantino… (without saying it), and with that King-Kong dialogue. That’s such a beautiful ending ! And Dick “Monster Joe” Miller is so cool in this ! That’s a very talky movie, some guns, some bad guys, a lot of persona lies, some sweet real truth, jukebox, dance, and a lot of good music ! Tarantinoïd…

Ok now, go back to the Death Proof Sight & Sound interview in which Tarantino said : “I had an old AIP double feature poster of the Roger Corman movie Rock All Night and the film Dragstrip Girl.” For sure, he loves that movie ! He said as well that his next movie will be a smaller movie than Inglourious “Masterpiece” Basterds. So that could be a Reservoir Dogs-like one-closed-space flick, far away from that all going-forward road -death proof- movie and the exploded narration of IB : just one closed-space bar movie like “Rock all night”. And there were lastly lots of rumours, revealing or misleading ?, about rockstars connected to Tarantino : Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Johnny - Sweet Jesus ! - Halliday… And i hear he talked about rock’n’roll at the Toronto festival. So why not ? I’m sure that everyone wants him to go back to some Pulp Fiction " very cool" kind of stuffs, now that he shows us that he can do movies in such different styles with appearances… He is an author, a deep true artist, form and content at its best, ok, we all know that since Death Proof (for the latecomers), so now ShowtimE !! Even more pleasure and more content in goin’ back to Rock’n’roll, i miss a bit the “Vincent Vega and Marcellus Wallas’ wife” chapter stuffs… In fact, that chapter was a bit of Rock All Night, he could go back now to all that Jack Rabbit Slim stuff for good. His next movie could be a mix between that chapter, the Death Proof Austin bar scene and the inglourious basterds La Louisiane scene, with real popstars playing characters, dancing and singing cover songs that Tarantino loves, maybe with a reunion of all Tarantino movies characters at the background around tables like in Rock all Night ! Maybe it will be the movie summa, center of his filmography… My God, make that real !!!

For the title of Tarantino’s next movie, I bet on “Rock Flick” or “Rock Fuss”…

Nicolas, a french guy

Yeah, I am also a big fan of Quentin Tarantino , he totally rock the parties wherever he go, I remember his movies which are legend in their time. I have a great collection of his movies which I mostly called the rock filmography collection. He is just like a rock star and no matter to which he is been involving we are just here to admire his movies and give him vows to his performances in the legendary movies.

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