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Robert's painting of Salma

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I’m told that not even Robert Rodriguez’s ICM agent Robert Newman knew the film director was “working like a madman until the wee hours” on a series of giant paintings of actress Salma Hayek with muralist George Yepes. Because the multitalented Rodriguez is so quiet about all the projects he’s involved in, Newman was amazed to read about the joint exhibition “Solamente Salma” unveiling tomorrow at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio, Texas.

According to the article by Hector Saldana in the San Antonio Express-News, Rodriguez recently started production in Austin on his latest movie, the horror flick he’s making with Quentin Tarantino called Grind House (supposedly a double feature), and found slapping paint on canvas was “relaxing.” Yepes taught Rodriguez how to paint.

In an email interview, Rodriguez told the newspaper that painting is a lot like moviemaking in that “you’re telling a story visually. I had always loved [George Yepes painting] so much that Sony Pictures gave me a cerograph after I did Desperado. I hung that on my wall at home. That was the only art that I owned that I displayed and really liked.”

So six years ago, Rodriguez sought him out. “It was actually George’s idea to use Salma because he had done a couple of paintings of her for my movies and he thought that would be a good connection since I’ve worked with her five or six times already … Because she is sort of an iconic image of a Mexican woman and a strong independent successful professional and an artist in her own right … She heard about it and was very thrilled that we’d do this and that proceeds could go to her favorite charity.”

So now Rodriguez is a painter too? The only thing this guy doesn’t know how to do is remaining faithful to his wife.

This may have been posted somewhere on the boards already: What exactly happened with his wife? Who did he cheat on her with? And is RR and his wife still friends or working together? Don’t they have butt load of kids?

Also, in Planet Terror: Is the little semi retarded boy (Dakota’s son) who shoots himself in the face RR son?

I think that’s all here.

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