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Robert Wise (1914 - 2005)


I´m not sure, if you guys know him. He made movies like:

The Curse of the Cat People,

Body Snatcher

Westside Story

He worked as an director, Producer and editor. He edited Citizen Kane! and won the Life Achievement Award of AFI in 1998.

He died on the September.

Rest in peace…


noone mentioned this?

Director Robert Wise Dies at 91

Director Robert Wise, who won two Academy Awards for directing two of the most successful movie musicals of all time, West Side Story and The Sound of Music, died of heart failure yesterday; he was 91. Wise, who had just celebrated his birthday on Saturday, was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center after suddenly falling ill. Recently, the filmmaker had reportedly been in good health, and his wife, Millicent, was out of the country at the San Sebastian Film Festival, participating in a retrospective of her husband’s work. An extremely versatile director whose films ranged from drama to horror to sci-fi to musicals, Wise got his start at RKO Studios as an assistant editor, a job he got thanks to his brother, who was in the studio’s accounting department. Working his way up the ladder to full editor, Wise edited such films as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and My Favorite Wife before nabbing an Academy Award nomination for editing the legendary Citizen Kane. He also worked with filmmaker Orson Welles on The Magnificent Ambersons, and was involved in that movie’s drastic re-editing, which was requested by RKO while Welles was out of the country; the missing footage from Ambersons, and Wise’s falling-out with Welles over the final product, later became the stuff of legend.

Bob was the man

The Set-Up is my favorite sports film after Ragging Bull, its die-hard noir, its great, The Day the Earth Stood Still is a masterpiece we all love, obviously, its classic, its beautiful, that film really set up the basics for 50’s sci-fi, you know, many films were based upon it and started some sort of a spin-off from it without having anything to do with it, the kind of thing italians tend to do back in those days, and i dont care what you say about this but The Sound of Music

was a great flick, i know its the film all our mom’s love but i dont think its bad at all, the war sqcuence near the end was suspensefull you know, i dont even care about the rest anymore when it reaches that pit, i care about this ex-nun and a bunch of kids getting executed by the nazi’s, but anyways

Wise was a director’s director and his legacy will never die, he was one of the greats and should get the credit he diserved


noone mentioned this?


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I made a topic about him in the directors board - altough I have to say, that you give more information, I was fucking faster *s*

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rest in peace :’(

Robert deserves two topics


rest in peace :’(

Robert deserves two topics

rest in peace :’(

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The Sand Pepples was a really nice film


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OH, too bad !

He died and noone said it at the TV news. I think he’s a great director. He deserves more respect !


OH, too bad !

He died and noone said it at the TV news.

they did here, wich was great


THey didn’t in France, but this week-end, I saw that it was something in a daily newspaper.


I’m a huge fan of Wise’s West Side Story. He was one of cinema’s greatest artists.