Robert Forster

He gave the absolute best perofrmance in JB, quite possibly the best performance in any QT film! I am disappointed he has returned (?) to a Burt Reynolds level of films after JB. We can’t expect everyone to hit Travolta success after Qt, but he returned almost directly back to Direct to Video trash.

it’s good you mention that. i was also shocked by that, i.e. completely surprised that he didn’t get any good roles after JB.

QT should give him the leading role in Glorious Bastards, as a few-words, kick-ass lieutenant or something.

ya I agree. Sad to see someone with talent go down the drain… He would be cool as a lieutenant in glorious bastards.

I was flipping through channels and saw Forster in that new tv show thats on mtv, i think its called Fast Life…or Fast Lane (?).  The show is crap in my opinion though.  Forster was also in Mulholland Dr…for about a minute lol

Really?! i just rented it and I dont think I remember seeing him. Which part??

It’s right after the car wreck at the beginning…there are two decetives at the scene talking about it…one is Robert Forster and the other is Brent Briscoe…I’m pretty sure

oh ya… I remember that part now. Hmmm thinking about it now, that really could be him… Wierd!

It is him…he is credited at the beginning

Robert Forster? Now That is a man.

The only thing i’ve seen him in lately is Confidence. he was ok, pretty ok. :’(

He is going to have a part in the upcoming TV series Karen Cisco as Karen’s father. It’s based on the character from the Elmore Leonard book Out of Sight, and produced by the guy who wrote the only other good Leonard adaptations besides Tarantino.

Might be good, but since it’s TV, it most likely isn’t. I’ll check it out because of Leonard and Forrester.

I caught the Jim Carrey movie “Me, Myself and Irene” on TV this week. Robert had a small part in that one too.

Who did he play in “Me, Myself & Irene” ? I saw that recently too. Didnt know he was in it

[quote]Who did he play in “Me, Myself & Irene” ? I saw that recently too. Didnt know he was in it[/quote]

He was Jim Carrey’s Colonel. (I think his name was Colonel Partington or something).

He also played a cop in the TV remake of Hitchcock’s rear window that starred Christopher Reeve. Darryl Hannah was in that movie too.

Wasn’t he in Van Sandt’s shot for shot remake of Psycho, too? I think he was a psychiatrist at the end.

I saw Karen Cisco on TV Thursday. Forrester was the best part. Check it out if you like him.

Robert was awesome in JB. He seemed like a real person and not some artificial stereotype in other Hollywood crap.

I sure wished he got better work these days. QT should’ve casted him in Kill Bill somewhere!

whats so great about robert forster anyway…i think he’s just old and washed up

[quote]whats so great about robert forster anyway…i think he’s just old and washed up[/quote]

What does him being old have to do with anything? Does that mean we have to ignore guys like Jack Nicholson or Chris Walken just because they are old?

no, because christopher walken and jack nicholson are great…but i dont really see whats so great about robert forster never have…and even in jackie brown i just thought he was a wierdo

Robert Forester is fkin hot for a guy! i mean, i’m not gay or anything but if i was a girl i would fuck him. mmmmm i bet that would be weird. hehe im a weird one lol 8)