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Robert Deniro's character

In Jackie Brown Deniro’s character is a little slower than the average bear and I heard he is supposed to be the same character that he was in Taxi Driver. Thoughts?

hmmm…doubt it.

I don’t think there’s anything in common between Louis Gara and Travis Bickle.

I thought the same thing, at least so far as his general demeanour and lack of social skills are concerned.

Off topic but Scarface it’s actually two down, three to go.(Bill) :wink:

I know, I’ve already explained this before. But I’m specifically referring to the DIVA squad.

Fuck it though, I’m gonna change it nonetheless as everyone seems bothered by it. :-/

was taxi driver any good? i mean most of the movies that people talk about on this forum kick ass, i have yet to seen ichi the killer, my mom is a biatch like dat about R’s and violence sigh

but ima rent it and if taxi is good then i will get that one too. thanx

It’s a great movie but it’s alittle slow. Cool in general though.

You still ask your mom to see movies? You gotta break that mbillackle ( spelling ) cord.

nah…i dont believe that there the same character…but deniro does put out some good performances in both roles…in Jackie Brown just a lil more low key…a subtle performance…but it wasnt supposed to be big…

Of course they’re not the same character, also his social skills are poor cause he’s used to being in jail and just got out. :wink:

And I don’t think EL created the Louis Gara character with Travis Bickle in mind.

He was probably thinking of Mickey Rooney when he created the character.

They don’t have anything in common but their laziness. Travis is a damn psycho, Louis is just a bit…well…slow…

Has anyone else thought that Robert just can’t act?

[quote]Has anyone else thought that Robert just can’t act? [/quote]
Are you sane? He acts strangely cause he’s getting used to the outside world after being in jail. It’s all explained on the DVD. :-/

No way. Travis Bickle wants to clean up the scum off the street wants a rain to come to wash them all away. He wouldn’t be caught dead with Sam Jacksons character!

[quote]Has anyone else thought that Robert just can’t act? [/quote]


Don’t pay attention to her lame comments.

[quote]Has anyone else thought that Robert just can’t act? [/quote]

I’m gonna cut you so bad that you’ll wish I didn’t cut you so bad.

it could be that he cant act or just that he is completely stoned during both films