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Roadracers DVD

Why do we have to wait so long for roadracers to come out on DVD??? >:( ::slight_smile:

it was announced, and then cancelled again, last year for some reason. I am sure RR is not happy about that and is doing his best to work at a release. Maybe he went back and to the editing room with it and will release a director’s cut? who knows

It is available, geesh how about a little search people. It’s an import from Austrailia though, but I don’t know if the film is worth that much, it’s a good movie and all, but it ain’t worth over 20 bucks.

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well excuse me for wanting an world wide relaese! >:D Just kidding :angel:

yeah importing one for 21 bucks is prolly not the best option

You guys haven’t heard? Robert said at the Fangoria con that Roadracers will be finally be released on dvd this year.



you can waste money on the Aussie import in the meantime :wink: :

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When it gets a decent release, I’ll be buying, never seen it before though.

The DVD should be 15 bucks tops.

Bah. I’d pay up to 25 for it. (shipping included) I really need to own this DVD. I hope it’s got some rad bonus features like his others do. 8)

Yeah, I hope it gets the full Rodriguez treatment like most of his other movies. It better not be JUST the movie like the first Spy Kids. I’ll be so sad. :frowning:

I have Spy Kids on VHS. I was going to eventually get the DVD, but now that I know there’s no bonus material, I’ll wait til I find it somewhere for like $2 or something. If I just wanted to watch the movie, I can see it online. I buy DVD’s for the extra goodies. It’s like Christmas morning when you open up a DVD that’s jam-packed with features.

Roadracers was playing last night on TV, Salma was fucking great in it, but her english is super bad though. Any word on the DVD?