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Roadracers DVD?


What happened? I was so looking forward to the December release of the film, but now all listings of it have disapeared…

DOes anyone know any info?


now that you mention it… bizarre… maybe Robert was against that sin city -like cover and pulled the release date off ;_)


He mentioned in the QandA chat a while back that he though it had been delayed but wasn’t sure… but never said why.


So looking foward to the R.2 release of this! didnt even know it was going to be released… entriged to look up his sin city like cover…

holy shit thats terrible…


that was it i guess


Thats even worse…

Nothing wrong with the original


I was just wondering if this was on DVD today. Would this have anything to do with the Miramax/Weinstein thing that’s depriving us of Kill Bill? I don’t really know where Dimension falls into all that but I imagine it might be the same deal.


no Dimension is a whole different category. besides, Roadracers is too old to get into a weinstein-miramax split. only those movies are concerned that fall into the argueing period. i am surprised they even got kill bill over at all ,_)


Still no word? Bogus…

On the other hand, I can’t find the book on the making of this for less than 250 dollars! MADNESS!