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RIP Heath Ledger

nobody from the Partridge family is dead…??


Jack Nicholson - what an ass :-</E>

Well, it’s his first reaction…he had probably been drinking and the crowd around him is giggling…not the best circumstances to have a good reaction to ‘the sun’

They started giggling after his comment though. I love Jack, but he acted like a disrespectful asshole.

yeah he did. He is just mad because people will remember Heath’s Joker for a long time and forget about Jack’s.

And Angel, no I haven’t seen Candy but heard it was good.

That was a very cold thing to say about Heath’s death. Wow. I never thought Jack was the type of guy to be like that.

Dissapointing. :frowning:

Maybe he was drunk and thought it was a big joke (no pun intended) because Heath was playing The Joker too. I dont know.

I think he just didn’t take them seriously. To me it looked like he knew nothing about Heath’s death. I’ve never liked Jack, but as long as he’s been in the game I’m sure he’s built up a certain distrust when it comes to British Paparazzi. Why would anybody in their right mind take anything those people say seriously?

"I warned him"

So tell me, what’s so awful about this? They tell him he OD’d on drugs, and Nicholson said he warned him. Where’s the problem?

Seriously, Are you a fuckin idiot or what?

If someone told you your friend died, would you smile and say: “Well, I warned him” or would you say: Im really sorry to hear that, etc?

To say: “I warned him” in that way is basically like saying: Who cares?

What did Jack warn him about exactly? Was he Heath’s good friend? Heath didnt die from being a wild party guy. He was all alone in his apartment and may have died from complications stemming from a combination of things.

“If someone told you your friend died,…”

  1. I don’t know if they were friends or not.

  2. he probably already got past the “OMG I can’t believe he died, it’s so sad” phase

  3. I didn’t see Jack smiling.

  4. I assume he warned him about drugs, talked to him or sth. like that. Only then the sentence makes sense. You can say “I warned him” and still be sad as hell. It’s certainly NOT the same as saying “Who cares”


What kind of asshole replies to news of someone dying with: “I warned him”?

Thats some cold shit.,2933,325208,00.html

Apparently he said: That’s awful first…

Ah, well, Jack isn’t to comfy with the media anyway…

I think it was a combination of him being a bit caught by surprise and couldn’t find the right words directly…I can’t imagine him being THAT much of a bastard.

I really hope not. I hope that was out of context or something like I said before. Maybe he was really buzzed and didnt realize what he was saying.

For him to flat out reply to another of his fellow actors (and human beings) death with “Well, I warned him” is simply fucked up.

To make my point more clear, John Travolta was told about it and he gave his most sincere apologies towards Heaths death. Which is what most people who arent assholes do regardless of what the person was like and Heath was NOT a wild drug party idiot like fuckin Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse.

Those psycho fucks in Kansas are planning to picket his funeral! I’ve never been so ashamed to have been born in Kansas.


You know if you turn the volume up on that you can hear him mutter something like ‘thats too bad’ then right after the interviewer says ‘he died in new york’ jack says ‘thats awful’ … jack was being an ice cold mother fucker but at that time appeared as though he was not in the mood for pussy footing about. When he comes out and lights that cigarette… in fact the hole thing just makes him look heartless… but then again a few people have said things, on the spot, that they probably should have thought twice about… in front of the media… also i don’t know if they were on good terms… probably not because of the hole joker thing…

Really bloody shocked when i heard he pad passed away :frowning: I had just watched A Knights Tale before it heard the news.

Really feel for his daughter and family at the moment :frowning:

Jack in reality never talked to Heath (or so I read), so it’s quite obvoius that Jack attempted to be humorous in a totally inappropriate situation. Especially since he smiled and took a smoke exactly after he made the comment.

Jack in reality never talked to Heath (or so I read), so it’s quite obvoius that Jack attempted to be humorous in a totally inappropriate situation. Especially since he smiled and took a smoke exactly after he made the comment.

I thought he started smoking before he was told about Heaths death… not that its all that important…

Still, it’s no contest to how that prime dickhead John Gibson treated Heath Ledger’s death. I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s Fox News after all.

What I find really fuckin strange about this is the fact Heath wasnt the type of celebrity that was out partying every night, running over paparazzis feet, getting out of cars with no underwear on, driving with his kids on his lap, getting put in jail, etc etc.

The guy died seemingly for no reason, noone really knows what caused it and yet all these motherfuckers are being totally cruel about it. WTF did Heath do to deserve that?!